Upcycling Heeled Shoes: DIY Blog Challenge

I have joined a monthly craft challenge with a group of fellow bloggers, I love arts and crafts (especially doing it with the kids) so I thought it would be a good use of my Pinterest addiction and trying some new things.

This months challenge was upcycling an item found at a charity shop. I searched Pinterest and chose an item which fitted in with my fashion interest: taking a boring pair of heels and upcycling them with some old jewelry items to make some stunning new shoes.

The Pinterest links I found were this one and this one.

I managed to find a brand new pair of heels in the local charity shop, for just £3! The jewelry items were 3 for a £1, so my entire spend was £4, amazing.

I ripped the clips off the earrings and snipped the bracelet up to separate the gem stones (in the end I didn’t use the last item).

I then used superglue and attached these to the heel as they were:

I played around with some different ways of using the gemstones on the front of the shoe but settled on lining the front with them:

In hindsight I should have used tweezers to place the stones, my gloves got stickier and stickier and it got so difficult to place them carefully. I’m pretty sure at one point I nearly glued myself to the shoe 😂

I was really pleased with my final design, it looks so good and definitely looks like a designer shoe which you would have paid hundreds for in the shop and yet only cost me £4!

Check out the rest of the bloggers items here:
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  1. I love these shoes! I especially like the earring on the back, I’ll definitely be trying something similar 🙂
    Lianne | Makes, Bakes and Decor

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