Rustic, Not Rusty!

The vintage look has been really popular in the last few years, and as a result, there is nothing in the charity shops! But it shows one thing, that “old” is good, and the rustic look is in too. Looking to the past for fashion inspiration has been a common practice for a while now, but can we apply this to our interiors? Going for the rustic look reminds many of log cabins, and you can certainly use that as a starting point, but many people might find that whole aesthetic a vaguely unattractive prospect in every room of your home!

Living in a street where modern and new-age designs may clash with the whole log cabin idea and could decrease the value of your home if you’re not careful. Instead, your best bet is to look at what aspects you could feasibly incorporate into your home setup without the very “brownness” of a log cabin overpowering your modern look.


Is your home spacious? If not, then the cosy look aligns itself perfectly with the log cabin feel. Log cabins make me think of winter and relaxing nights in front of the fire on a massive rug, so you can definitely incorporate these little touches into your living room. Or if you have a spare room that you use as a dining room, you can make the intimacy of the surroundings a great place to hold gatherings and Christmas parties.

The main material in trying to bring a rustic feel to your home is wood. Tiles and vinyl are great for cleanliness, but the thing in having untouched wood is what gives homes that classic look. The clash between modern and classic is something that can be hard to iron out, especially if you’ve got a massive TV with all the bells and whistles!

But there are some lovely oak cabinets can help to cut down the modern style of your Samsung Widescreen Big Telly… Places like House Of Oak have a wide selection to choose from. And in bringing in certain items of furniture that are darker in colour and are more oak or woody, you can get the balance of old and new just to your taste.

Charity shops are a goldmine for older items, and in going for the rustic look, you don’t need to have matching items (unless you’re OCD like me), but there are plenty of knick-knacks you can get for cheap and mixing materials will really give you that look that is trendy but rustic. Copper kettles, china cups, or you can even look online for businesses that do period appliances. Even old doorknobs add that charm to your kitchen cupboards.

Colour is the big effect in getting across a rustic look. The ruggedness of a rustic environment, such as wood floors, stands out more if you use softer colours. So go for mismatched cushions in blues or burgundy if you’re feeling daring! The juxtaposition between the two may look odd to begin with for many, but the term “rustic charm” will more than apply here!

The old items were the best, and if you can turn old items into new ones that serve a purpose it will add another layer of charm. A small antique cabinet can be transformed into a vanity mirror for the bathroom, and expose some copper piping while you’re there, or spray it with some salt water to speed up the ageing process.

If you’re going for a rustic bedroom, apart from the cabinets, you can add fabrics and chunky materials onto the bed. Colourful quilts really help with the contrast of oaky browns if you’ve got a modern bed. Or if your bed has a wooden frame, then simple neutral colours of whites and greys will look great on your bed if you like the neat and tidy look to your bedroom.

And finally, what could be more rustic than a fireplace? A modern home is all about electric fires, so you could build a stacked look to your fireplace, and place logs around to increase the log cabin style. Or you could keep it simple and place a couple of logs in a hollowed-out space. It’s very simple, but very effective.

Getting that rustic look doesn’t mean you have to renovate your home. But there are some wonderful little flourishes you can add to give it that feel. Modern homes can be a bit on the sterile side, but that rustic style gives it that nice little charm, something that is lacking in modern houses.


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