Top tips for toilet training your little one. 

I have started toilet training my youngest son who just turned 3 years old. I have seen signs that he is ready as he’s started hiding when he is doing a poo then will tell me afterwards, he will also tell me to go to the toilet as he can see his older brother and wants to copy him and he asks to be nappy changed.

So, I thought everything is perfect and easy. But it’s not, I’m struggling as he only tells me when he’s done it but he doesn’t go to the toilet before doing it. This is why I turned to my fellow bloggers and asked for their help and found it all very helpful. 

Lianne from ankle biters Adventure said Let him choose his own pants and vests to make it fun, which he loved.

Becca from pears and chocolate sauce said the following tips.

– Stay indoors/in the garden for a couple of days, nappy free

– Keep the potty nearby (where he’s playing) and plenty of kitchen towel, loo paper and antibac spray!

– Read books about toilet training/watch the Bing episode (toilet train I think it is called?)

– Use a sticker chart to motivate him (or something else which would work for him)

– Stock up on plenty of spare pants!

– put an open nappy & towel in the bottom of his car seat in case he has an accident while driving

– use a towel or those large disposable absorbent mats (for pregnant women!) on the sofa

– lots of praise when he does it right and keep calm when he makes a mistake!

The Fisher price singing potty worked wonders for us, although it does get annoying 😂

Jade from raw childhood advice is to make sure that they are ready and are showing all the signs of toilet training already. It makes the process a lot quicker and shorter.

Terry from not an effing fairytale blog said Bribery. There is nothing my child won’t do for a kinder egg including, shockingly, pooing on command 😂

Ayse from a repops said we had the potty on show and just kept asking our little girl if she needed a wee. Stickers and treats helped!

Debbie from my boys club said They tried a lot of strategies and got there in the end from sticker charts, constant reminders, help from the nursery, potty very accessible – but the most important thing to remember is that every child is different and will do it when they are ready.
Rachael from tots and tantrums said they We’re potty training at the moment ☺

This is what she said, “we waited until he was ready, he told me he needed a wee when he was naked after the bath so we went from there. On the first day, I asked if he needed to use the potty, but now he just comes and uses it himself. He always gets a choice between pull ups and undies, we take him the toilet to empty the potty which he loves.Jogging bottoms for easy access too.”

Laura from mum on a mission wrote this recently – it’s a bit of a rant

Sally from from teddy bears and cardigans did a crowdsourcing post a little while ago. Check out her tips on potty training from real mums.

I have learned a lot from their tips and I’m hoping to get some success with samuel before June. I have to be brave when taking him out doing food shopping, without him wearing nappy. There is a lot of accidents and mess everywhere but hopefully will get there. Remember every one goes through this stage. Finger crossed we will pass this one with flying colour so that we can also finally remove teddy bear’s nappy lol

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