How To Create The Perfect Gym Look

I know the gym is for working hard, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look good too. For me, part of what makes me motivated to go to the gym is getting to wear a cool and colourful gym outfit. Gym clothing is my favourite clothing as it’s comfortable and just makes you look and feel good.
So, here’s my guide to the perfect gym look:

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Workout Tops

Along with your leggings (which we’ll get onto later on), your workout top is a key part of your outfit. Ideally, you’re looking for something fashionable yet comfortable. It’s not recommended you wear a regular cotton top to the gym. This won’t help you capture that gym style, and it will also make your workout a lot worse as you’ll feel uncomfortable in the restrictive clothing. Instead, you should get your hands on a sports top or vest. Vests are my favourite thing to wear to the gym as they give me more freedom, make me feel confident, and they just look awesome too!

Track Tops/Hoodies

Of course, you need to wear something over your workout top or vest in case it’s cold on your way to and from the gym. Not only that, but it can also help you perfect your look. You can get yourself a lightweight hoodie or track top to wear as you warm up before your session too. This is great for running on the treadmill and helping you get warm right away. Then, unzip, and you’re ready to crack on with your proper workout.

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As mentioned earlier, leggings are another crucial part of your outfit. In all honesty, they’ll probably be the most looked at part of what you wear. So, you want to make sure you have a great pair on to create the perfect gym style vibes. I’m a big fan of patterned leggings or leggings that aren’t just one plain colour. They add something different and can help shake up your outfit. Again, as with the workout tops, ensure your leggings are comfortable and feel good when you’re working out.


Finally, we arrive at your trainers. These will be a lot of people’s favourite part of their gym outfit. It’s important you have trainers that offer you support and don’t hurt your feet while you workout. Unlike with leggings, I am more of a fan of trainers that are all just one or two colours. Leave the patterns for your legs, keep it simple on your feet.

Naturally, you need to make sure that all your items of clothing match one another. Don’t have bright pink trainers and white leggings and a red workout top with a grey hoodie. Try and stick to just a couple of colours in the outfit. Black and fluorescent yellow is a really popular colour combo that works really well, as is black and pink!

I’d also say that you should try and keep the brand the same throughout your outfit. If you’ve got a Nike top, try and keep everything else the same too. It’s not vitally important, it will just help your outfit look better!


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