When my hallway turned into a fashion runway 

Guess what? Modelling is my childhood dream. When I was young, I admired models and thought they were so beautiful and they were lucky to be dressed so stylish and pampered by the make up artist. I thought it’s a glamorous job to just wear clothes and strike a pose while having photos taken. 

 Buenos Ninos Flower Printed Vintage Dress

I end up studying nursing rather than pursuing modelling maybe because I’m not blessed with modelling looks or I’m not that confident or maybe healthcare is my calling. As I grew up I wanted to be a nurse so I took the course and now I’m a carer.  I still love modelling and posing, I find it fun to play with clothes although for my everyday wear is boring, I just wear what is comfortable.

As I’ve grown up I realise modelling would have been boring. I imagine dressing up and posing for a shoot all day is not fun at all.

It’s ok to do it sometimes i suppose, especially being a mummy we don’t get to dress up very often, we just live with our ordinary house clothes everyday so for me I find this therapeutic, it’s my way of having fun and enjoying my clothes.

Most of my clothes have become just a collection for my modelling hobby, loads of them are have never been worn, especially dresses as I have no time partying. The only way to use them is to model and pose with them for a selfie, then I clear them out and shop for a different clothes lol

Buenos Ninos Short Lace Evening Dress
You probably find my hobby unusual, but I think it’s the best way to make the most of my clothes and feel good about myself at the same time. Clothes are like my toys to play with in my spare time and as long as it makes me happy then I don’t find anything wrong with that.

Some may find other people who post pictures in their posh clothes self-centred, but in my defence as long as you don’t act like you know fashion and look down on others then I’m sure it’s okey to show them off sometimes.

Now I’m a blogger I am reviewing clothes I have been sent by brands or sellers but that doesn’t mean I’m too obsessed with my looks. I think it’s helpful to other people as well to recommend good quality products and by modelling them, it will give them idea how a certain clothes look when being worn. Check out my YouTube clothes modelling video.

Of course I’m flattered as well if I look good in them and I can experiment different looks by trying different products, some I might like some I may not, that’s all part of reviewing.

I may not be able to pursue a real modelling career but being a clothes reviewer which requires me to model clothes for pictures makes me feel like a model in my own way. Instead of a runway model I call myself a hallway model lol

Clothes featured in haul video:

off shoulder

StyleDome Women’s Off Shoulder Casual Loose Long Top Mini Dress Blue


Styledome Casual Long Jumpsuit Dungarees

swing dress

Jusfitsu Retro Round Neck Swing Dress

off shoulder maxi dress

Yidarton Off Shoulder Floral Maxi Dress

Loose fit lace up sleeve

Auxo Loose fit Lace Up Sleeve Top

*post contains affiliate links and dresses were provided free or discounted for review, but all opinions are our own.

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