Turn your phone habit into freebie hunting

I developed a bad habit of always being on my phone, just to pass the time or diverting my boredom. I find it therapeutic sometimes and that’s how I discovered a lot of things online that could turn into something more productive. I endlessly surf the internet searching or watching videos being shared in Facebook. I feel that my habit is such a waste of time for nothing so i thought I have to use it for something useful which is bargain and freebie hunting.

Who doesn’t love freebies anyway? It’s fun and exciting just to get a free stuff in the post. It’s like receiving a gift which is lovely.

I have discovered many freebie website and starting receiving free samples which is a great reward for my time. I don’t feel so  guilty about being on my phone anymore since I turn them into something sensible. 

The benefit of freebie hunting is money saving or you could win a prize.  You can get some great free samples from Gratification uk. It’s one of my favourite freebie sites. It has everything that might interest you, such as flash deals and voucher codes.

This is one of the many freebies I have received in the past. As you can see it’s a full size sample which I have used for cooking and also learned other recipes from the book included.

Freebies have saved me money and sometimes they can be used as gifts as well. If you can collect loads of nice freebie items then some Christmas present are sorted which is a big help in terms of saving money buying presents.

Freebies are also a good way of testing new products so you can decide first if you might consider buying them in the future. You can also win prizes from freebie site as they feature a lot of competitions and giveaways.

Personally, I enjoy this as a hobby and a good way of turning my bad habit into something more useful. It is productive rather than wasting time watching anything on social media just to past the time.

So if you have the same bad habit as me then why not turn it into freebie hunting? And do share with us your best find 🙂

*collaborative post

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