Father’s Day Gift Guide 

Family is very important and a family is not complete without a father, they are the foundation of every home. As Father’s Day approaches we would like to celebrate our fathers and grandfathers in a way to remind them how great and special they are.
In celebrating Father’s Day I would like my husband to feel special and appreciated for being a good husband but most of all; a very loving father to our children who would give everything for them to have a good life. 

My children have done some handmade gifts for their daddy, to create a more personal touch. We bought some materials from Poundland and let the kids make what they wanted.  I also found these Father’s Day mum’s online.

Here is what my kids bought and how we transformed it into a gift.

Richard got a beer crate from Poundland and painted DAD on the side. I’m pleased with his choice so I’m sure my hubby will be too,  as he drinks beer and wine. 

My teenage daughter divine chose a scrapbook as she loves arts and drawings. She designed it and let her siblings have a scribble too, so all of them got to write in the Father’s Day scrapbook. 

The boys taking turn contributing with the Father’s Day scrapbook 

They also did their hand prints on their handmade Father’s Day card. 

We also have this as another present from Twenty fingers and have done a review on them Here

I love this one from twenty fingers. 

This daddy and me set is lovely as well. It’s a nice keepsake for dad to always wear everyday. If you order this through our site then you can get a 10 percent discount. 

A personalised fridge magnet is a great present as well for Father’s Day and what could be better than to have it free. Yup that’s right it’s free just pay postage. Snapfish Is having a promo offer of free 3 photo magnets. 

Free Father’s Day gift bag when you buy 3 selected items starting from 59pence each at Superdrug

Or maybe designer cologne? I’m sure you could never get wrong with Ralph Lauren especially when it comes with a free gift of Ralph Lauren weekend bag at The perfume shop

Perhaps he has a sweet tooth? Well Thorntons have you covered for a special Father’s Day chocolate. They looks tempting don’t they? 

 So, whatever you give as a present I’m sure it will make a dad’s the happiest person to be able to get a treat and feel appreciated. It’s not the gift that counts or mattered but it’s the love that we show to them everyday. It’s the thoughts that counts 😉

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