Feeling like a bad mom? Real life of a working mum blogger

Being a working parent is hard. You’re always giving your best everyday but you always end up feeling like your best wasn’t good enough. Have you seen the film bad moms? that’s how I feel all the time. I’m sure if you are working parent or parent blogger you can relate to this. Life is so exhausting; multitasking and responsibility. Sometimes I just want to give up something that I enjoy to do; like blogging.

Being a blogger is not always what it seems to be. Before becoming a blogger myself I thought it was cool. As a blogger now, I enjoyed it at first but it’s another job, tasks are all becoming harder work and it’s tiring and can be stressful. I’m always on my phone nowadays doing blogging, product reviews and managing social media. I can’t complain since it’s my choice but on top of this I’m also a working mum. Although it’s only a part time job being awake at night in a care home, it seems too much when you don’t get any sleep or rest. I come to work; looking after the elderly which I love and I go home and look after my kids and do household chores which is the same everyday. I clean then it’s messy again as if like I didn’t do anything. 

I’m struggling to schedule my time and keep on top of everything. My poor hubby on the other hand is a full time nursing student and works during his days off picking up shift in the hospitals and catching up with his homework plus being a father. I often feel guilty when I don’t have time for my kids because even when I’m at home I feel like I’m working through blogging and other way to bring money. I also have to do cleaning and cooking and running errands. If my kids get bored they end up doing a bit of cheeky stuff which makes me feel even more guilty as I’m supposed to be watching them or spending quality time with them for their development. 

Being parents, we work so hard in order to provide for our family.  I want to be able to spend time with my kids and at the same time bring home money and put food on the table to help my husband. I want to give everything to them like a good days out, stuff they need, holidays and other experiences in life. But nothing in this world is free. You always have to give something in return. That’s why I thought I need help and ask my fellow bloggers on how they cope with life everyday being a multitask mum or parents. 

Lianne said, I try and do all my blogging in the evening when the little ones are in bed – occasionally I will do it when they are quiet and playing but then mum guilt always kicks in and I feel I should be playing with them – so hard to keep an even balance www.anklebitersadventures.co.uk

Alana said, I really struggle to fit everything in since going back to work full time from my second maternity leave. I won’t get the laptop out when the little ones are awake as I want to spend time with them, so can only blog in the night when they’ve gone to bed. I have gone and got a cleaner to help with the house … it was the only solution!


Jenna said, Luckily I only work part time but don’t even attempt anything during the day unless Aoife is napping. Most of my blogging work is done in the evening or if it’s quiet in my actual job I’ll get some bits done there. Household chores are literally done as soon as she’s in bed so I can focus on blog work for the rest of the night. www.thentherewerethree.uk

Victoria said, I was working evenings for 5 nights a week, then blogging in the mornings before the school run, as much as I could around my toddler in the day and late after work! I took the plunge and left my job one month ago as it was all getting too much, so now my main focus is blogging and now I *have* to make an income from home. It felt risky but also felt like the right time to do it http://www.lyliarose.com/blog

Becky said, Organisation is key for me. I work full time which sometimes mean 50+ hours a week. I always blog in the evening when my little boy is in bed. My aim is to blog at least 3 times a week which for me is just about manageable. As for the house work since I’ve been back at work my other half has really had to step up his game. We clean together at the weekend so we get everything done so much quicker. During the week we just have to keep on top of things. It’s hard work and I always feel like we’re one over indulgent weekend away from everything going to shit but you just have to do what works.


Hayley said, Honestly I think a lot of it is accepting that you can’t be everywhere or do everything. I try to separate my day into chunks and then set myself little goals to get done rather than allowing the whole mass of things to do to overwhelm me. So, for example, today I’ve got three (proper) work emails that I need to handle, I want to go back on my PR requests in my blog inbox and I need to clear out two kitchen cupboards. When I put it like that I feel like I can manage those bits in half hour chunks! There are still a million other jobs that need doing but these are my priority for the day. Then I chuck toys at the baby, make sure he can’t destroy anything and whizz around and do it! It helps that we live in a building site at the moment so housework is relative compared to the builder’s mess!! 


Vikki said, As modern Mums we often feel we have a lot of pressure on us and expectation to be everything to everyone. But having thought about this I actually think that a large amount of that pressure I put upon myself. So, it’s important to be realistic with your day to day goals, accept and dont worry when things inevitably don’t go to plan and most importantly … enjoy what you have. This is your life … live it. Embrace it. Try not to get bogged down with the expectation. Make memories with your family . The ironing will wait.  


Emma said, Now my son is three he is at pre-school 15 hours a week which means I drop him off and head straight up to my office space and get as much done as I possibly can… sometimes forgetting about lunch! But with a blog and freelance work to do I need to get it done when he’s not around because he’s now at the age where he voices the fact that he doesn’t want me on the laptop. The housework has definitely suffered this year but I am only one person and can only do so much. My husband works full time and has a long commute so we try to even the chores out as much as we can but no sooner have we tidied one area there’s always a little person making a mess in another room!! I’ve recently taken a bit of a break from freelance which has really helped with my stress levels. It’s easy to burn yourself out because when you work from home you can never escape it! HTTPS://emmareed.net

Irina said, OK – first of all. I don’t feel like a bad mom. I actually feel like a great mom! But, trying to do blogging while working full-time is incredibly challenging, especially if you want to get your blog to be anything other than just a pure hobby. I am not sure I cope with it all that well, as I do feel like I am often burning the candle at both ends. What has helped me enormously is to start saying no. I say no to loads of events, no to loads of products, no to (even fairly paid) sponsored posts, in fact I say no to most of things. I think it is important to remember that you can’t do everything, so choose the things you want to do well or even OK, and concentrate on those. 


Suzannah said, I find it really hard and my blog is currently being affected as a result. My children are now 13 and 11 (I’ve been blogging 3 and a half years) and as they have got older I have found it more and more difficult. I am running around to their clubs and activities every night bar one and both days at the weekend and they don’t go to bed much before me. I don’t want to be ignoring them while they are up and I work school days every day so any chance I have to do any blogging is very late at night. Plus, my husband doesn’t deserve to be ignored while I’m tapping away at the laptop because he does so much running around with the kids as well and I want to give him some time and attention too! We are both exhausted and the blog was adding an extra level of pressure. I’ve taken a break the last few months but I love blogging and really want to get back to it. I would be interested to hear how other mums of older children manage. My blog niche doesn’t help as it’s all about home decor and design and so my content is often driven by projects in our home, which neither or us has the time, energy or money for! I’m thinking of diversifying a bit so I can produce content without all the work behind the scenes we have been doing first! www.homeheartharmony.com 

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