To move house or to extend?!

We have decided we need a bigger house. The children each have their own room, but Jack’s room is tiny; so small that we had to build his bed into the room in order to fit a full sized single in and themed needed to find space to store his clothes…so a bigger room is needed. We also would very much like an extra room to use as a playroom crossed with an office, we just need some extra space everything is very cramped and stacked on top of each other. 

So, we have decided we will either extend or move to a bigger place. 

                Jack’s room is so small!


Extending would work out cheaper, we would need to find a trust worthy builder and get some quotes. But we would be stuck with the “parking situation” around here. 


We would have to take out quite a lot more mortgage and extend the number of years we have it over if we want to get a 4 bed place. We would have to find a decent estate agent, like Featherstone Leigh Twickenham, finding a good estate agent who can sell your place for the amount you want and find you a good place is vital. 

It’s so difficult to decide whether to extend or move, we flit between the two on a daily basis. What would you do? Extend or move?!?

*Collaborative post 

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