Bracing Yourself For A New Child In The House

Whether this is your first child or you already have others, bringing a new member into your household is a big event. You need to set aside space, create time for them in your routine, and ensure the rest of the family is ready to adjust to the big change. Whilst there’s no guide when it comes to raising a child, there are smart ways to prepare your house for a new child. If you don’t feel prepared yet then the following tips might just help you brace yourself for this wonderful new addition to your family.

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Decide if it’s time to upgrade.

The first thing you need to think about, and you’ll probably want to do this well before the baby arrives, is how big the family is going to become. As adults, you change very little from year to year, but your children are continuously growing. They need more space, and that means there has to be room in your family home for them to “grow into”. If you don’t think the current house can handle the demands of a new baby then it may be time to upgrade to a bigger house which has enough space to handle another member of the family. Make sure you talk to your other children about this if you have any; it’s important they feel included.

Of course, moving the family to a new home is a big ordeal. It’s also an important one, so you shouldn’t make the decision of living somewhere new lightly. You need to think about making sure your family is not only happy but safe in the new property. Checking out this RICS home surveys guide might be a good idea because you might want to look into an expert to help you inspect potential properties and highlight any problems (structural or otherwise) before you part with your money on a house purchase. If there are minor issues then it can also help to know beforehand because you could knock down the asking price for a fairer deal.

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Prepare their room.

Whether you’ve decided to move to a bigger property or stick with your current home, it’s important that you set up a room for your new child. You’ve probably already been cleaning from top to bottom, and this is the nesting instinct kicking in. You have to always think into the future. Perhaps you’ll want to keep the cot in your room, so that you or both parents, depending on your family’s situation, can keep an eye on the baby at first.

Still, your child is going to grow and they’re going to continuously need more space as they do. Think about the size of their bedroom. It might be fine whilst they’re a child, but will it be a good fit for their teenage years? If you’re prepared to make big changes to the house or move again in the future then this may not be a concern for you, but if this is going to be a permanent family home then you need to think about how everyone in the family is going to grow into it. You might also want to think about how you decorate your kid’s room because too dull a design will be unpleasant for them but too childish a design might embarrass them in later years. Bright colours are always a safe idea.


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