How organised you are based on your zodiac sign? | #organisedmess

 According to F@W office desk our level of tidiness depends on our zodiac sign. And I couldn’t agree more. 

Amy works in the office managing their family business and she is a Gemini. According to the zodiac sign above, Amy is unorganised since she is gemini and guess what? I totally agree…Why? Look at the state of her office below 🙂 

And look how organise she is with her filing lol 

Obviously the zodiac sign is right, don’t tell her though that I’m spilling the beans 😉 

I think that Amy’s office furniture really needs a massive overhaul. It looks messy everywhere plus those poor tired looking chair needs upgrading and everything needs sorting. Her office needs a breath of fresh air so that it will come back to life. 

Well I can’t blame her, I suppose it’s her zodiac sign gemini’s fault that she can’t keep up with it. However, her parents are considering improving their office and updating the furniture so that it will be more relaxing to work there. 

I’m helping Amy to freshen up her office by giving her ideas that will help her. On the other hand My zodiac sign is Leo and I like to have fun first which often result in a mess. But this time, I’m going to have fun helping Amy choosing some furnitures for her office. 

Value line premier

I like the look of this furniture desk, it has a filing storage underneath of the table which is perfect for Amy and will make it more accessible for her as well. It looks much more bigger and spacious and smarter than what she has at the moment. 

Value line budget

This one looks perfect as well as comes with a matching set of drawer cabinet on the side. The underneath of the table has got some filing drawers as well which is lovely. It’s just what she needs after all. 

Also, a lovely pictures on the wall would brighten her office. She needs to throw her old furnitures and change it with something new. Maybe needs redecorating as well and clearing out the mess. Most of all she needs to be more organised with her mess in order to maintain a clean, relaxing and smarter looking office. Do you agree? 

What about you? How organised are you base on your zodiac sign? And Which one do you prefer for Amy’s furniture desk? The value line premier or value line budget? What can you suggest for Amy’s office transformation? Please share your comment below as we would love to read them. 


*collaborative post

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