What it's like to be a spectacle wearer? My new eye glasses from specsavers 

The difference of having with or without glasses.

I decided to start wearing glasess when I realised I couldn’t read the plate number of the car when I was asked at my first driving practical exam. That’s when I found out that I needed a prescription eyeglasses. Although, during my school year I have always wanting to sit near the classroom blackboard to see the writing. It never appeared to me that I was short sighted. Even when people at a long distance wave at me that I don’t seems to notice them and I end up ignoring them. I never thought that at such an early age my eyes can’t see clearly. I just ignored everything and just carry on with life even reading book in a poor light place. I remember when I was young that my grandmother use to warn me not to read when it’s dark bcos it’s not good for my eyesight. 

Now being a spectacle wearer, at first it seems weird and I hate it sometimes. I thought I look ugly with my eye glasses especially when taking pictures. The flash or the light will reflect on my eye glasses. I have to remove them and it’s also annoying when we have to go swimming. If I remove them it’s blurred but if I wear them, they are no good either when they get wet. One more thing is that when it raining and there is a steam on my glasses and can’t see a thing if it’s get wet. I wish I don’t have to wear glasses if I’m being honest, summer always left me with a mark of my eye glasses on my face if I get more darker. Also wearing make up can be difficult as my mascara will smudge  into my glasses. One more thing, being a spectacle wearer is that I can’t really style my hair with headbands or any accessories as I have to consider my eyeglasses. I feel like there is so much limitation when wearing a glasses but it’s so important with my eyesight. Without them everything is blurred. 

Now I can’t live without them hence I was gutted when I accidentally broke my glasses,  as I end up using my prescription sunglasses indoors and at night time for a few days. That’s because without prescription glasses everything is blurred. I look like a weird person wearing them when it’s raining or dark outside. I even use them while doing food shopping at the supermarket and few people stare at me wondering why am I wearing a sunglasses lol 

Spectacle shopping is hard…especially choosing the right style that will match the shape of my face.
Choosing the right glasses as well can be difficult which always took me longer. It’s the hardest shopping trip for me compare to any sorts of shopping. Specsavers staff were very helpful in helping me find the right pair. They are very hands on and let me choose what I want and took a picture of all the glasses while I was trying them. Based on those pictures I was able to choose what I like best. So in the end, I bought this new glasses which is 2 for £69 and I think they look cool as well except I don’t feel comfortable with them. They seems a bit tight and hurts against the back of my ear and leave mark on the upper side part of my nose. However, it’s nice to know that I can always go back to specsavers to have it adjusted. 

I’m pleased with my new glases in terms of quality, style and price. I just wish I could bear using contact lenses. I Might have to be more creative these days to enjoy using and styling my spectacle. I believe that we can all look good in many different ways. I might as well try to be a spectacle model myself who knows lol  😉

So, what do you think of my new eye glasses? Which one do you prefer? Do you wear eye glases? If so share with me how do you style them. 

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