A Night Of Fun Doesn’t Have To Cost The Earth!

There are few things more frustrating than getting to the end of a busy week, wanting to socialise, only to look at the bank account and see that things aren’t as rosy as you’d like. However, just because you can’t afford a delicious meal and drink after drink, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. There are much more opportunities to have a good time than most people realise, and they don’t involve spending time in the UK’s best bars, pubs, and clubs. Below, we’ve put together a handful of inexpensive nights you can enjoy when you’re watching the pennies.

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Summer Nights

When the weather is fine, the first thing most of us think to do is head out to the nearest beer garden and soak up the rays, beer in hand. But hold on right there, because that’s going to set you back a fair bit. Instead, why not enjoy the simple pleasures of the summer season? On a warm spring night, you don’t have to go out at all. Instead, you can invite friends around, or do camping at your back garden and get a summer campfire lit (see http://www.artofmanliness.com/2008/09/04/how-to-build-a-roaring-campfire/ for info how), and spend the night chatting and waiting for the summer stars to show themselves. Perfect!

Cosy Nights In

Alas, this is the UK, and that good weather won’t stick around forever. Soon, and for most of the year, the weather simply isn’t good enough to spend long nights in the garden. Still, that doesn’t mean you have to go out; there are plenty of ways to have a fun night right in your own home. Invite your nearest and dearest friends around. Select your favourite board game. Find a delicious pizza – discount included – from https://www.vouchercodespro.co.uk/dominos-pizza. Have your friends bring a few drinks, share out the pizza, and spend the evening finding out who’s the King or Queen of the Board Games!

Mixing It Up

We have a tendency to get stuck in our ways, always going to same bars and pubs, always doing the same thing. This can cost a lot of money, and we don’t get anything new from it. Instead, look at doing something different. If it’s sunny, then head out into the town and explore. If it’s rainy, then find a coffee shop in your local city and watch the world pass by. There’ll be a lot more going on in your town or city than you realise. Do something different.

Local Events

Regardless of where you live, there’ll be plenty of locals events taking place in your area, and especially so during the summer and around Christmas. Check out what’s going on at sites like the https://www.list.co.uk/ (there’ll also be websites that focus specifically on your area. Try Googling ‘events in [city]’). Whether it’s a festival, parade, free performance, or something else altogether, you’ll be able to find an event near you that is inexpensive or has to cost at all.

Think Different

The main thing to remember when you need to do something fun but inexpensive is: think different. There are always ways to make your own fun; it just requires a little thinking!

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