Medieval Times, Orlando. Amazing afternoon out for the whole family!

During our amazing trip to florida we booked an evening at the Medieval Times; jousting dinner and show, it was a spectacular show so entertaining!

As you arrive along the road (it is approximately 20 minutes from the centre of Orlando) you are greeted by a castle, complete with moat:

You cross the draw bridge and enter the castle itself, once you are booked in you can enjoy a drink in the bar (watch out it’s not cheap and these drinks are not included as part of the entry price) purchase some souvenirs or take a nosy round the medieval village full of artifacts. 

We had purchased the standard ticket, which includes 2 drinks (Pepsi or lemonade, water is also available of course), dinner and the show, you can opt to upgrade from the standard package to get banners to wave, t-shirts and preferential seating (but as it was we got the front row). 

Dinner consisted of tomato soup with garlic bread, chicken with baked potato and corn on the cob, pastry and coffee. It was all served medieval style so you eat without utensils, this just makes it more fun! I must say the food was delicious!!

The arena is split into 6 sections and each section supports one of the knights taking part in the jousting completion and you get a crown in the colour of your knights realm and banners etc if you upgrade:

The show starts with the horses performing dressage style “dance moves” which are gorgeous and then moves on to a jousting competition between the knights, complete with a king and princess and a background story line of a bad knight from an opposing realm coming in to try to steal the princess away! There was jousting, hand to hand sword fighting and even falcon flying, they really put on a great show!

Take a look at our video of the evening out here.

I would totally recommend this dinner and show to all visiting Orlando, with or without children. So much fun was had!

*tickets received discounted in exchange for a review

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