Key Signs You Need An Escape

The word “escape” is so evocative. The idea of being able to cast all of your troubles to one side, forget the world, and just take a little time with your nearest and dearest. Some time to forget about the money worries, the concerns for the future, and keeping your house going and just be you for awhile. It brings to mind relaxation, calmness, and a chance to assess in a world that seems to scream by at a relentless pace.

Escapism is, unfortunately, something that few of us have the chance to do on a regular basis. That’s perhaps not the wisest way of going about things. While we may think that just throwing our heads down, carrying on (keeping calm too, if common memes are to be believed), and hoping to feel better are the ways to handle life, that’s rarely the case.

Sometimes, you need to take a couple of days to retreat from the world. It might just be living a few days unplugged or using the help of New Horizons to fund an impromptu weekend break, but there are always signs it’s high time for you to escape. If any of these sound a little too close for comfort, then making the space in your life for an escape – be it big or small – should immediately shoot to the top of your to-do list.

1) You Wake Up Tired

Tiredness is a sign that you’re struggling to cope. In fact, it can be one of the most obvious symptoms if your body is under too much stress. Sleep is when we’re meant to regenerate and get ready for the day ahead; if that’s not happening, then you have to question why. The chances are you have too much on your plate and you need to scale back for awhile.

2) You Worry More Than You Relax

If advice gurus are meant to be believed, we should all have our lives planned down to the finest details. We should keep lists, precise diaries, and always know what we’re doing when – that’s meant to be the secret to happiness. If, however, you find yourself constantly planning and fretting – be it about finances, your home, or your children – then it’s a sign you’re struggling to switch off and relax.

3) You’re Easily Upset

When we’re running on empty (so to speak), we humans find it harder to regulate our emotions. Everything is just far more raw; our emotions closer to the surface. If you find yourself going through a phase of being prone to overreacting, or losing your temper where you normally would have kept your cool, then consider that a signifier that some time out is definitely going to be needed.

With all that said, of course it’s not easy to just persuade yourself to step back from life for a few days. Work isn’t going to do itself; your finances aren’t going to learn to self-manage; and you probably have a to-do list that always seems to get longer rather than shorter. Nevertheless, your mental health and sense of well-being is precious – so if the need is there, escaping (even just for a little while) could be the very best decision you make.

If only it was as simple as pushing a button, hey?


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