Top tips in travelling with small children.

As you know, we are going for a holiday to the Philippines. It’s about 16-18 hours flight plus more travelling from Manila to our place. My boys, who are 6 and 3 years old, find it difficult to stay still so I’m dreading of the idea of them sitting for a long haul flight. 

We went to the Philippines last year for our holiday and there is a lot of crying during the travelling. Which is why, this year, I want to make it more fun and stress free for everyone. I asked my fellow bloggers their tips on how to make it easier to travel with small children. Here what they have to say:


Steph said, One of my favourite tips for little ones is to play ‘I Spy In A Bottle’. Fill a plastic bottle with rice and other small items such as buttons, pompoms, small figurines & whatever else you can find. Make sure you leave enough space for the contents to move freely. It’s very fun and the kids will love it!

Kerry has 15 top tips in flying long haul with young kids and they are very helpful. Everything that she put in her guide is true based on my personal experience when we went for our holiday in the Philippines last year. Check out her post here Guide to flying long haul flight with young kids

Kerry also wrote a blog post about flying with children. Definitely being prepared is the best thing you can do prior to your flight. Check out her post here Flying with children : My 5 top tips

Sophia said, Prioritise your hand luggage so you have everything you need from keeping little ones entertained with books, colouring books, magazines and toys, to snacks, drinks, their favourite teddy or comforter. Download some of their favourite TV programmes to watch on aeroplane mode – Netflix and BBC are great for downloading shows to watch on your phone. Keep a ‘just in case’ bag of medicines, so if anyone becomes unwell mid-flight, you have everything you need to hand rather than stuck in the suitcase!

Renee said, A DVD case with some paper cut to size and pens or crayons. Keeps it all in one place, easy to find in hand luggage and something to pass the time.

Awaybies kids said, Bring those neck support pillows, you can buy animal versions of them, helps the kids sleep and get comfy!

Sarah said, Scrap any thoughts about limiting screen time and just do whatever you can do to survive! Take stickers, pencils, books and lots of snacks. When you think you have enough snacks, take more! For little ones ears make sure you have a bottle (even filled with water) and for older ones a smoothie to help them regulate the pressure in their ears. They might be fine but if they’re not you’ll be happy you had something.

Carrie has LOTS of tips of flying with kids on and she said, I’ve helped loads of families when I was ex cabin crew.

Some of my key points would be:
* board last and make use of the airport soft play. Have one parent board earlier with all the gear but there is no point in letting kids wait for everyone else to board- making a long flight longer.

* order child meals before the flight- the kiddie meals are usually a lot more appealing to them. On that note- pack as many snacks as you can. Things like raisins last a bit longer for small fingers. Plus you will surprised how much they eat on a flight!
* wrap up smallish cheap toys and pull out when needed.
* wear a back pack or have them wear a backpack to carry – it’s much easier to squish under the seat. Have bits packed in ziplock bags so easy to pull out and rummage if it’s dark.
*pack a spare change of clothes in hand luggage. You never know when someone will get ill!
*pack a lolly pop for top of decent as the change in pressure can irritate them.

Victoria said, Plenty of snacks, iPad games and toys without lots of little pieces! We always have a meal or drink in the airport as they love to go to a cafe. We hope for the best for the plane, but books and iPads normally keep them happy. Sometimes they even fall asleep!

Laura said, Sometimes a box of new goodies can do the trick to keep them quiet for a while. There’s lots of different subscription boxes out there for kids at the moment so many ordering one up and keeping it for the flight would be helpful. My Pocket Money Toy do fab quality toy boxes.

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