Flower power: crochet flowers #diyblogchallenge

This month’s DIY blog challenge was flower theme. I really struggled to come up with something, I found several ideas on Pinterest which I wanted to try but was finding it hard to locate the supplies (they all needed secondhand items and I just couldn’t find them!)

I thought I was going to have to pull out this month when I suddenly remembered I had started some crochet flowers months ago and never used them for anything. 

I had been trialling a free pattern (available here) so see how hard it was and honestly it is a really easy pattern to get the hang of. I have tried to do a video of the pattern but my phone deleted it!!

Next I had to decide what to make with the flowers, my search on Pinterest has come up with a few options: a blanket, a bag, a scarf, a cushion cover. I decided since my friend has recently had a baby that I would turn mine into a baby prom blanket. I used 65 flowers in rows of 6 and 7, it could probably do with being a bit bigger but I ran out of time. There are some big gaps, which could trap baby fingers, so I am probably going to attached it to a preloved baby blanket, if I can find one the right size.

I just love how pretty these are and they are so easy to make, if it does take quite a long time to make all the flowers, sew in all the ends and join it all together!!

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  1. As I’m sitting here reading your post I’m thinking, “Even I can make this”. Oh goodness, here I go again. I’ll let you know how it turns out! I also had problems with my phone and I lost all of the pictures and video for my project. Ugghh. I had to recreate some of them at the last minute. Your project looks great!

  2. Love your project! I’ve wanted to give crochet a try for a while and these look simple enough to start off with! It sounds like a few of us struggled with coming up with flower ideas (me included) but I love the mix of projects we ended up with 😊

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