Remove These Things from Your Living Room Right Now

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The living room should be a relaxing space where we can relax after a hard day’s toil, maybe watch some TV and have fun with the family. Sadly, for a great many people this isn’t the case because their living room is so cluttered that it causes them stress from the second they step in there.

If that sounds familiar, or if you’re just looking to create a more restful living space, take a look at these unnecessary items you should remove from your living room right now. Trust me; you won’t miss them at all!!


Okay, so you can’t really remove the wires from your living room if you want to be able to watch TV, use the phone or turn on the lamp, but you can hide most of them behind furniture or underneath a cable duct, and the simple act of removing these messy, tangled cables from your living room could be enough to freshen the place up and make you feel a little more relaxed.


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Cushions are comfortable, and they’re great for supporting the head and back while you relax, but if you have more cushions than you could possibly need to use on the average evening, and if you find yourself struggling to find room on the couch without throwing countless cushions on the floor, just get rid of them.Keep a couple to dress the space and keep you comfy, but ditch the rest. They won’t be missed.

Coffee Table Clutter

Your coffee table is there to hold your cup of coffee and perhaps a book or two. That’s it. If your coffee table is cluttered up with TV remotes, keys, plates, a library’s worth of books and goodness knows what else, move it. The coffee table is a key piece of your living room’s design, and if it is cluttered and messy, it will distract you and stop you from relaxing as you worry about the mess.

Uncomfortable Couches or Chairs

If your couch is uncomfortable, you aren’t going to be able to relax. Get rid of it and replace it with a more beautiful, more comfy piece like a tan chesterfield sofa, so that you can relax unimpeded. If it’s more the position of your couch that is causing discomfort, perhaps because you have to crane your neck to watch the TV, move it! Life’s too short to be uncomfortable in your own living room.

Empty Corners

If you have a corner in your living room that is completely empty, or even just not being used to its full potential, change that. Corners are perfect for creating cosy reading nooks, play areas or comfy spots for your pets to snuggle down.

Challenging Plants

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Plants are great things to have in the home, not only because they add colour and have a calming effect, but also because they purify the air you breather. However, if you have one or more plants that you’re struggling to keep alive, pass them on to a more green-fingered acquaintance and replace them with low maintenance succulents. You won’t feel so bad every time you look at your poor struggling plants anymore!

Enjoy your less cluttered, more comfortable living room!

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