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Homework is an essential part of school life. Sometimes students especially teenagers cannot understand the way to approach their studies and other academic goals. It is the main reason why several schools provide homework or home activities to their students since the grade level schooling.

Many parents tend to raise their eyebrows when they hear about the homework of their child. Or sometimes, they just cannot figure out where and how to start with it. Therefore, it is necessary to share a few words about the usefulness of homework.

The sole purpose of giving homework is to expand and reinforce the classroom study. It also develops the necessary study skills.

Homework allows your child to:


• read and follow the instructions without help

• manage and plan their time

• complete their work thoroughly and to the best of their aptitude


Why should parents help their child with homework?


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Studies show that the intellectual growth of children improves when they are supported by family members in the homework. In the parenting world, the term “support” doesn’t mean that you should spoon-feed them everything, but it means that you should monitor their studies and help them wherever required.

If you want your kids to perform well in exams and become a successful student, then your active involvement in their homework is something you should go after.

Your participation makes them feel safe. Not just it develops the sense of responsibility in them, but it also teaches the essential work ethics that would help your child in the future.

Still not sure about your role in the child’s homework? Let’s simplify the process.


How to help your child with homework?


In the initial phase, parents can offer full support to their child. Depending on the academic growth of your kid, you should minimize this help day by day. At one point (the last phase), your role would be only to supervise their study routine, homework, and growth.


Number #1: Tell them the importance of homework

As a parent, you should explain to your child why school homework is necessary and how it is going to help them in the future. It will increase their interest level and boost their confidence. So your first step is to make sure that your child understands the purpose of schooling, homework, and study.


Number #2: Help them solve tough problems

Sometimes schools provide tough assignments to their students. Assist them in when you feel that particular task is additionally tough and beyond your child’s capability. On the other side, explain them the tricks to tackle with the tough assignments, complicated math problems, etc.


Number #3: Provide opportunities

When you decide to help your child with homework, your first aim should be to monitor their study. By this, you not only give them the opportunity to use their skills but also encourage their thinking power. Thus, you should never try to become a substitute for their teacher. Giving a quick look at their progress is fine, but checking their assignments in details every time is not that good.


Number #4: Set up a good study room

Younger kids like to complete their homework anywhere when you are around to them. Even they can study at the dinner table when you are working in the kitchen. On the other hand, older kids may expect a separate room for their studies. So you should set up a satisfactory study room depending on their needs. The best way is to fill their room with required materials such as pencils, a sharpener, an eraser, pens, dictionary, study table with lamp, etc. Also, don’t forget to eliminate the possible distractions, for example, arranging their study room little far from the TV.


Number #5: Become a speaker for them

Parents do many things for their child. They find the best school and a good private tutor making sure their child receives the best possible guidance. Not all students feel comfortable in asking their doubts. Many kids shy to ask their doubts during the lectures. Sometimes they fail to arrange proper words for their problems. In this case, you can speak on behalf of them during each parent-teacher conference.


The academic success of your child depends on a variety of factors. If your child is facing difficulties with particular subjects or in completing their homework, then your little help can correct the problems. Find a regular tuition teacher or private tuition, involve yourself in their studies, help them, and then hope to see the best grades on their next grade report.



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