Why Are You Not Seeing The Results Of Your Workouts? 

So, you’ve registered to your local gym, and you’re keen to see the results of your fitness efforts. And why shouldn’t you? You have invested a lot in your fitness regime, from sticking to a new sports routine to a brand new gym outfit. As expensive as fitness gear can be, there’s no denying that people feel a lot more motivated to exercise if they’re wearing their best workout top combined with a pair of branded leggings. You might even have a rather vast gym wardrobe so that you can vary your looks throughout the week. But there’s only one problem: You’re training hard, and yet you can’t see the results of your hard work. Worse, it doesn’t feel as if you lost a dress size already! but don’t give up just yet. There are many reasons why you might not see any weight improvement for now. 

You’re not helping your body to reshape itself

Here’s a very brief and very simplified lesson of anatomy for you. Your body needs nutrients to performs its everyday functions. When you are trying to lose weight, you want your body to burn stored fat to generate its energy. However, if you decide to encourage fat burn with a restricted diet, you need to be careful not to reduce your food consumption too much. Otherwise, your body will go into a starvation mode. Additionally, you need to focus on the right kind of nutrients. Carbs, for instance, are essential in small quantities. To burn more fat, you need to consume more proteins using a mix of natural proteins and Optimum Nutrition shakes to support muscle growth. Beware, though: Stick to a balanced diet if you want to avoid bulking up! You could use a protein shake after a heavy workout, once or twice a week for best shaping result without bulk. 

Post-workout shake

You don’t do the right exercises for your body

Not everyone has the same body type. While your best friend might be lengthy and thin – in fitness terms, she’s an ectomorph – you might be curvier and more sensual – you’re an endomorph. What this means is that you don’t respond to the same type of workout routine. Ectomorphs’ routines include a little of HIIT cardio training and 5-10 repetitions with heavy weights and long resting periods to build up muscles. Endomorphs will need 15 or more repetitions with short rests to burn more calories through a HIIT circuit. They will need to focus on high-intensity cardio for 20 minutes, at least twice a week. In other words, you need different workouts. 

We’re all different

You don’t keep track of your data

Losing weight takes time – you didn’t put on weight overnight, you can’t lose it overnight. Therefore, you need to be patient to notice the first body changes. However, keeping track of your performance data can help you to see your fitness transformation. You’re running faster, lifting heavier weights, or cycling longer. In short, your body is getting stronger before it can get slimmer. 

Keep track of your stats
Don’t give up on your fitness regime just because you haven’t dropped a dress size yet. By addressing potential issues, in your diet, your workout routine or your performance tracking, you’ll be able to make the most of it. Stay focused to get fit, the rest will follow naturally. 

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