Top 10 inspiring gardening projects in 2017

If you’re looking for inspiration for new gardening projects, you’ve come to the right place! From investing in a polytunnel for indoor gardening to installing a water feature, here are the top 10 exciting outdoor ideas for this year.

1. Create A Walkway

If you have a larger garden, or just want to create an easier and more convenient way to cross from one side to the other, or to get around flowerbeds, why not create a walkway? You can use bricks, flat stones or even cut wooden pallets to create an attractive effect.

2. Invest In A Polytunnel

The Telegraph recommends investing in a polytunnel to extend your growing season, especially if you’re planning on growing vegetables. These flexible tunnels are a great way to grow your own salad all year round and are a perfect choice for organic gardeners.

3. Create An Outdoor Room

The Royal Horticultural Society suggests turning your garden into an outdoor room by choosing the right garden furniture. By investing in a stylish rattan sofa and chairs, you can have a living space that you can use on warm days and which adds an extra room to your home.

4. Set Up A Tree Swing

Whether you have children, grandchildren, or whether you just like the idea of reliving your childhood, a tree swing is a fun addition to any garden. Decorated with comfortable cushions, you can create a cosy and attractive place to relax in your outdoor environment, but always take care to choose a large and sturdy tree.

5. Make A Vertical Garden

If you despair of ever being able to do anything exciting with your tiny garden, worry no more. A vertical garden is the ideal solution. Build shelving from reclaimed wood and lean it against an outdoor wall or balcony and then add pots of your favourite plants for a beautiful thriving garden.

6. Install A Bird Bath

Nothing is more lovely than watching birds in your garden, and what better way to encourage them than to install a bird bath. Not only is a bird bath a gorgeous water feature that adds visual appeal to your outdoor space but it’ll also delight your local wildlife.

7. Make A Fairy Garden

This cute project is especially good for families with small children and is something that can be worked on all together. Planting a miniature garden in small flower pots, buying toy furniture and fitting fairy doors to trees is an attractive way to add extra interest in your garden and is sure to enthral the kids.

8. Brighten Your Patio

If you have a dull and colourless outdoor space, this year is the time to brighten it up. Simply by investing in a few planters and pots of various shapes and sizes, you can fill them with your favourite flowers to bring colour and vibrancy to your plain patio.

9. Install A Water Feature

Water features come in all shapes and sizes, from traditional ponds to miniature waterfalls, so there’s sure to be one that suits your garden. Listening to the sound of running water is wonderfully relaxing and can also help to distract from road noise if you leave near a busy thoroughfare. Dig your own bespoke pond to your own specifications or buy a ready-made fountain that will bring extra beauty to your garden.

10. Let There Be Light

Bringing more light into your garden is a great project to tackle for 2017, and is simple and easy to achieve. Battery operated or solar powered string lights can be strewn around a trellis or pergola to create a twinkling effect, while solar lanterns at regular intervals around your lawn can add shape and style to a plain garden.

These are just some of the exciting garden projects that could inspire you to get more out of your outdoor space in 2017. Be inspired and use your creativity!

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