The importance of having travel insurance.

We just got back from our holiday in the Philippines and unfortunately an unexpect thing happened while we were there. We didn’t have travel insurance, since we never thought we would need it.

My father in law has been ill for a while but we never thought that he would pass away so soon. Due to the unexpected circumstances we had to cancel the whole second week of our holiday, we had just landed from an internal flight across the country, so had to arrange a flight back immediately, cancel all our hotel bookings and rebook our flight home so we could attend the funeral. It was all non refundable and etihad airway could only waiver the penalty charge but not give us a discount despite of the reason. Hubby also booked with an agent who was not very helpful and didn’t answer our emails.

We now realise that if we would have had travel insurance, we could have claimed some of our expenses back, since we suffered a death of a family member unexpectedly while we’re on holiday. We’ve learned our lesson and I asked my fellow bloggers for their positive experiences in having travel insurance. They shared how it’s benefited them and that you’ll never know when you need it so it’s safe to always have one before you travel.

Tracey from Pack the pjs said, This didn’t involve me, but my aunt. She was on holiday in Spain when she slipped and fell down a flight of concrete steps. She had a European Health Card as well as travel insurance. When the paramedics arrived they wouldn’t go near her until my uncle had gone to their room to find the insurance papers. My aunt had broken her hip and was in hospital for 10 days before they’d let her fly home. She often talks about how she was left in a heap at the bottom of those stairs, in agony beyond belief, with noone helping until the insurance papers were checked. It makes me wonder what value the European Health Card that we are all advised to carry actually has.

Pete from household money saving said, Rather embarrassingly, I lost my wedding ring on our honeymoon. I’ve never worn jewelry before, so it wasn’t something I was used to. We went swimming off the west coast of Florida, and I was drying myself, I felt something wasn’t quite right. I spent 30 minutes looking in the sea and I’m not really sure why. The sea is a very big place! Anyway, we managed to get the cost of the ring back from the insurance. I do get reminded by my wife when we look through our wedding photos that it isn’t the same one though..

Laura from Mum on a Mission said, My husbands £3000 bike got lost by the airline when we went to Florida. The airline only covered £1000 in compensation and we hadn’t checked our travel insurance would cover it. It didn’t. But luckily the household insurance covered the rest of the money but it’s now increased our house insurance loads so we would have been better off with travel insurance for sure.

Sarah from Digital Motherhood said, My husband got so badly sunburnt this summer that we had to go to a private medical centre in Gran Canaria to get blisters popped and dressed 🙈 £370!!! Claim still going thru insurance at the moment.

Abi from Something about baby said, A story about why you should have travel insurance in place BEFORE you go on holiday…my niece recently came down with chicken pox a week before they were due to go on holiday. Unfortunately she had a bad case and the spots didn’t scab over in time. My sister in law managed to rearrange the holiday for a few weeks later, and because it was more expensive, was able to claim back the extra money on their travel insurance.

Emma from The money whisperer said, I got very sick with pneumonia in the USA and spent a full day in hospital with associated tests. I did have insurance but paid by credit card there and then and then claimed back once home. Beware of exchange rate movements if you do pay then claim after the event – I lost around £700 😫 If i was ever in a similar situation, I would always try and give my insurer’s details to the hospital upfront to invoice to avoid this.

Elizabeth from The Homemakers Journal said, After a bad fall on a Colorado ski slope, the ski patrollers who brought me down the mountain thought I was seriously injured, thus the ambulance trip to the ER, the extra oxygen in high altitude and a CAT scan. Fortunately, I wasn’t as badly injured as they thought, but we didn’t find that out until several hours had passed and we’d racked up more than $1,000 in out-of-pocket medical expenses.Luckily, I had travel insurance that picked up all those out-of-pocket expenses. I know most families don’t think they need travel insurance, but it really can save the day — and lots of money as costs can run into six figures when someone must be evacuated in a medical emergency.

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  1. So sorry to hear about your father in law. I can only imagine how stressful it must have been being away when he passed and trying to get home. I never get travel insurance when going away but I definitely will be taking it out for our next trip home. Especially with two children, you never know what will happen. #KCACOLS

  2. So sorry to hear about your father in law. I always make sure we have travel insurance when we travel abroad, but to be honest I never really look at the small print. Reading all these stories, I think I’ll probably do so from now on! #kcacols

  3. Sorry to hear about your father in law. I always get travel insurance, I haven’t need to use it (yet), but it is good knowing you have it just in case.

  4. what a shame the airline weren’t more helpful though – my parents in law flew over to the UK with KLM as I was due to give birth…my baby was late and so the airline allowed them to re-book their flights for a later date with no charge because of this reason. #kcacols

    1. Oh that’s nice 😊 they are lucky to be able to go with nice airline. Etihad is no good with this kind of thing. They will only waive penalty charge but won’t give you anymore discount. Rebooking with them can be more expensive as well as the price can change. What we’ve done is to pay another airline that is cheaper but means that we’ve lost our flight with etihad airway.

  5. Sorry to hear you had to cancel part of your trip. What a great idea to raise awareness. I always get the highest level of insurance possible, I’ve never had to use it but need the peace of mind. x #kcacols

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