Unique idea for a new baby gift for Mummy

When a new baby is born you get so many visitors and they all bring a gift for baby, what they often forget is that Mummy has just been though a massive life changing experience and needs a bit of attention too. 

I think the idea of buying Mummy a bouquet of flowers which includes the baby’s birth flower is a lovely idea. It has been thought up by Flying Flowers and I think it is a simply amazing suggestion: mama gets a beautiful bunch of gorgeously colourful flowers and it has the added thoughtful gesture of being based on baby’s birth month, with attaching astrological/horoscope characteristics.

Here is a low down of the flowers and their meaning, but do check out the Flying Flowers link for the full resource:

  • January; carnation. Suggests a sensitive person.
  • February; violet and iris. A loyal and faithful friend.
  • March; daffodil. Charismatic person.
  • April; daisy and sweet pea. Sweet and cheerful personality.
  • May; lily of the valley. Full of laughter.
  • June; rose. Romantic and sensitive.
  • July; larkspur. Determined individuals with a sensitive nature.
  • August; gladiolus. Strong personality with moral integrity.
  • September; aster. Strong sense of fairness.
  • October; marigold. Romantic and charming.
  • November; chrysanthemum. Full of intensity and passion.
  • December; pointsettia. Symbol of success and cheerfulness.

I am a June birthday and love roses! I’m definitely a romantic and am a very sensitive person, so it sounds right for me, not sure the children have developed strong enough personalities to tell yet but it’s a lovely, fun idea for a gift!

What do you think? Does your monthly personality traits match you? Or do you think it’s wrong?

*collaborative post

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