Beating the winter blues and back to school energy slump

Whenever the kids head back in September I find it’s the sign that winter is coming an not only are the days grey and horrid but the kids head home with a million germs and we get hit by colds (check out my post about avoiding the cold and tips on how to fight it here). 

I find I am so tired, the idea of the school run, after school clubs, helping with homework and then all the mummy jobs is just exhausting! I don’t like drinking lots of coffee, more than one cup and I get shaky and feel like I’m going g to vibrate into an alternative dimension lol so I wanted to find something which was more of a natural source of energy and wasn’t full of caffeine.

I recently discovered Pharmaton and have been trialling it everyday for 3 weeks now. It contains all sorts of natural energy encouraging vitamins and minerals to fight tiredness and give you more get up and go.

I can definitively say it has worked for me, I am more energetic, no longer desperate for a nap come lunchtime and my mood is even improved. It may not have stopped me catching a cold, but I think I managed to fight it off quickly and it didn’t hit too hard.

The Pharmaton pills are actually really big:

But are easy to swallow and don’t taste awful if you leave them in your mouth too long lol. It takes a week or so to notice any effect from them, so buy a month’s worth and give them a try! They are available from Boots

*item was provided free for review, however all words and opinions are my own.

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