Want to Renovate? Here’s How to Inspire Yourself

Whether you want to change your flooring or renovate your living room, there is probably one major setback that is preventing you from going through with those changes: inspiration. With a lack of ideas, it doesn’t matter how much time, effort or money you’re willing to put into it. You need ideas if you want to create something fantastic, and there’s only one way to get those ideas swimming in your brain: inspire yourself.

To help get those creative juices flowing, here are a couple of tips on how you can gather some ideas for your next home renovation project.

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Browse the Internet

There are some fantastic places on the internet to gather inspiration. For starters, you can look at Pinterest.com and search pretty much anything. For instance, simply type in “bathroom ideas” and you’ll get plenty of unique hits for bathroom design ideas. If you want to renovate your garage by turning it into a useful room, then simply type in “garage renovation” and you’ll be presented with hundreds, if not thousands of unique ideas that you can use.

Pinterest also allows you to save images into your own collection. This collection can be private or you can open it to be viewed by other people. Think of this as your personal digital scrapbook of sorts. You can collect all the ideas that you think are great, then compile them into a single album which you can reference when you finally start drawing up plans or writing down notes for what you want. +

In addition, you could also browse websites that actually sell items such as Drench.co.uk, a place that specialises in bathroom furniture such as wall hung toilets, taps and heating. There are plenty of fantastic photographs that depict the item in an example, and you can use these sample images for inspiration. Even better, you could also use these sample images by saving them to your Pinterest album and reference them later.

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Visit Events and Open Houses

Using the internet is fantastic for building up inspiration and ideas, but if you prefer to get up-close and personal with your ideas, then try to find open house events and other similar locations to inspire you. You’ll be able to take pictures and get a better sense of scale compared to just looking at pictures on the internet, and you’ll also get to see how light affects different types of decor arrangements, which is essential if you want to make use of lighting for your inspired renovation.

Although using the internet is recommended, nothing beats seeing unique decor arrangements up-close. Whichever method you pick, make sure you spend some time absorbing all of the information and writing down (or taking pictures) of the elements that you like and mix them into unique designs of your own. Just remember that there’s no problem with copying something you see (unless you plan to sell it, of course) so even if you don’t consider yourself very creative, you can still make your renovations look superb.

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