Why I miss the philippines?

We just got back from the Philippines and there is something that makes me feel sad coming back here to the uk. I’m not feeling ¬†motivated about going back to my old routine. I’m wondering if it’s the weather here, as it’s so gloomy when we arrived back in the uk plus it’s cold again. Being in the philippines, I was sweating everyday due to the heat and I find the sunshine makes me happier and seeing my family is such a wonderful feeling. Now I’m back in the uk, I am remembering what I have missed about the philippines:


I’m sure being homesick is pretty normal when you are far from your family and I’m really happy that even for a short period of time, I got to catch up with them. Maybe I’m having a mixed emotions. It’s also nice to have that extra help from families when you have children to look after.

Filipino food

I think I really missed the food in the philippines. There are so many varieties to choose from and loads of vegetables and fruits. I really missed eating filipino foods as I feel like I have been on a diet for ages being not able to eat most of Asian food as it’s not available to buy here in the uk. It’s also nice to be able to experienced eating food at the street. There is always a mini restaurant at the side of the road. We call it ” turo turo “, you just choose which food you want since it’s already cooked.

The weather

It’s really hot in the philippines but the everyday sunshine gives me a happy boost that it’s nice to wake up. It’s like a vitamin when you see it’s a sunny day and it gives you that feeling of motivation and energy to do things. Now I understand why English loves the sun so much and it’s the reason for them to go for a holiday to enjoy the sunshine.

The simple things

While I was there, I appreciated many simple things which were free. My children were able to go and have a swim in the river which was nice. We didn’t have to pay anything. Cooking food as well, there is loads of vegetable at the back garden so whenever we want to eat them just go get them and it’s free. We also have families and relatives giving us fruits and foods that they got from their garden.

The filipino carefree culture

I also missed the philippines because of the surroundings where you can see a lot of people everyday being laid back. Unlike here in the uk, you can also see people outside but it’s not like in the philippines were there is a lot of vendors in the street selling foods or stuff. People there also were carefree despite the safety issue which can cause their life. I’ve seen loads of people doing things not is not allowed here in the uk such as man carrying electric fan while being in a motor cycle, jeeps full of people inside and on the top of it and children’s and teenagers being at the back of a tricycles. Back here in the uk everything is so organised and have a system to follow when it comes to health and safety is nice but it’s not fun and can be boring. I never see people climbing trees here although I can understand the safety side of it. It’s completely opposite in the philippines which is a bit different but there is something about it that makes you feel cheerful. Whatever it is I’m grateful to be able to live here in the uk and experience the life here. After all uk is now my home and philippines will always be there whenever I want to go back.

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  1. My cousin is just the greatest cook
    It’s how she keeps the traditions of the Philippines alive in Ireland
    Plus I get to sample lots of amazing food

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