Saving money on your home office refurbishment

Transforming a room in your home into a dedicated workspace can be a great way to create a distraction free space to focus on work.

What if you’ve already got a home office and it just needs a bit of TLC?

Office refurbishment can, like any decorating or home improvement project, run away with itself if you aren’t careful. So, what can you do to save money on your office refurbishment?

Look at what you want to do

The first step is to decide what your vision for your room is. Looking at what office design specialists such as Penketh Group have done can be a good way to inspire ideas that you can use on a smaller scale in your home office.

Decide on what your refurbishment involves, for example, are you redecorating the room and if so to what degree? Do you need to replace furniture or is there any extensive building work that needs to be carried out?

Working out what you need to do in order to achieve your perfect home office means you can start shopping around to work out how much the work will cost and also how long it will take to complete.

Budgets and timescales

Getting a concrete budget in place can help you to work out where you can save money, either by cutting back on unnecessary extras or reassessing what you had planned.

You might have decided to replace all of the furniture in your office for example, but at the same time the cost for redecorating is much higher than you initially expected. You then need to make a decision; do you replace all the furniture or do you scale this aspect of your refurbishment back for now?

Doing this might stretch the timescale for the room being completely finished, but it also means the budget becomes more manageable as it’s stretched out over more time.

DIY or a professional?

Another way to save money on your refurbishment might be to do the work yourself instead of getting a decorator in.

You need to decide if the work you want to do is something you could complete; do you just need to repaint some walls or is there more extensive work such as re-plastering or flooring that needs sorting out?

If so, before you call in the professionals, look to see if there’s anyone you know, either friends or family, that could help for a fraction of the cost. This way you can still get the home office of your dreams but at a fraction of the price.

Upcycling or new?

You can continue to save money on your refurbishment by opting to upcycle items for your home office as opposed to buying them new.

Upcycling is when you repurpose one item to do something else, like converting an old ladder into shelving. Or you repair and restore something to continue its current role, like replacing the legs on a table then sanding and repainting the top to create a new work surface.

Sites like Pinterest have tonnes of ideas for upcycling projects, even smaller scale projects like creating new storage solutions for your desk, or renovating old, tired furniture, can help save you money in the long run.

The key to reducing the cost of redecorating in your home office is to look at what you can keep and what absolutely needs to be changed. Doing as much of the work yourself can save on the cost of manpower, but beyond that it helps you to create a workspace that feels more like it’s yours. Like you’ve built it yourself, which can help add to the ambiance of the room, making it somewhere that continually inspires and motivates you.

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