Everything 5 pounds haul

I have made a lot of purchases from Everything5pounds lately and got a big box of clothes. Some of the clothes I bought were from their £2.50 sale and then my daughter never stop shopping from them ever since. We are both hooked which is bad for my bank but considering the price is still a bargain.

Check out my haul video here and see what I bought.

This dark blue stretchy soft Knitwear is actually from mark & Spencer as I can see the cut label. I loved this because it’s soft and cosy and the colour just lift the mood especially this dark winter season. Plus you can’t get this for £5 from m&s so it’s a real bargain.

One of my fave is this navy cold shoulder style dress which is flattering and quite trendy. It has a frill style on the back and front. It’s just very pretty.

This dark red with elasticated off shoulder style dress is pretty. Perfect this coming Christmas and yet kind of Bardot style.

This waterproof hooded jacket is lovely which is a shame because no more size 8 left for me so went and bought size 10 but a bit big for me. It comes with an inside pocket as well.

Sorry I didn’t have the picture trying it on but this is pretty as well. It’s kind of loose style with a bell style sleeves in quarter length. Perfect to match with the other boots that I bought.

This skeleton printed leggings is lovely. I actually bought this with a skeleton print top to match with it but I couldn’t find it hence not on the haul. I bought it because buffy their presenter on their Facebook page live feed wore it and it’s cool for Halloween.

This velvet style cardigan with leopard print detail is soft and lovely but I’m not sure with the leopard print as I feel like it make it look like a short dressing gown lol it’s from their £2.50 sale so it’s ok.

This silver cold shoulder style top is actually from oasis and it’s from their £2.50 sale which is unbelievable. You can wear this for new year, night out or any party and you will stand out from the crowd plus cold shoulder is very trendy at the moment.

I love this lace style top which is very pretty. It’s a bit see through but not too much so you can wear it with a vest underneath.

This Knitwear is just gorgeous with its shimmery detail and button style on the back. It is also soft and very cosy. It’s a bit loose as I took Size 10 not 8 but it’s fine.

I bought this dress because buffy wore it during their live Facebook feed but it’s tight for me and I think it doesn’t suit me. Although it’s really stand out with its bright colour and sexy style. I think this would look good with the boots that I bought and boyfriend style Blazer below.

This boyfriend style Blazer is cool and elegant to smarten up any look.

I love this trench jacket in dark navy, it’s lightweight but still cosy when wearing it. It looks smart as well which is nice.

This boots is from their £2.50 sale which is comfy but I’m not keen on the star on its side and I’m thinking of removing it.

I have more clothes that I bought from them but couldn’t find them at the time of doing this haul but it’s okey. It’s too much to show them all as it’s loads after they have accumulated. It’s because I keep buying almost every week especially when I get to watch their Facebook live feeds. You have been warned. Don’t start it unless your ready for a big shopping spree because you will get addicted like me. So, what is your favourite from this haul?

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