Interior design styles; the low down!

There are so many interior design styles out there, it can be a bit of a minefield, but it really does look good to have all your interiors matching to one style.

Over at Rattan Direct  they have detailed descriptions of each style. But for you guys I’m going to give some briefer details:

Minimal, practical and gentle colours (emphasis on white), no clutter and straight clean lines.
No good if you have children!

Leave your walls a neutral colour and concentrate on the accessories and furnishings within the room. If you like something go with it.

Great for a country cottage. Warm brown woodwork, leather furnishings and lots of glass fronted storage cabinets.

Takes its influence from factories and warehouses. Very science fictiony. Brickwork walls and bare floorboard floors.

A balancing act of old and new styles. Very difficult to get right. Again no clutter is key and neutral wall colours.

Retro nostalgia! Upcycling is great for this, get an old cabinet and make it “yours”. Go with bright colours and trawl antique shops for furnishings.

Hollywood Glam
Big and bold, with lots of sparkle.

White walls, dark woodwork and no clutter! Hang mirrors to make rooms look bigger.

Mid-century modern
Think 1960/70’s. Big bold fabrics and wall coverings are key.

Anything which brings to mind summer or sunshine. Nautical and pastel shades for fabrics and wooden floors.

French Country
Very neat and organised. Shabby chic fabrics and cushions. Heavy dark woodwork and flooring.

Shabby Chic
Pastel shades and chips and dents welcome.

Up to date, right here and now. This can change quickly, so only go for this if you like to redecorate a lot.
At the moment what is “in” is: simple, casual, white or very pale colours and in blocks of colour.

Where as contemporary is what is in this year, modern asks what is in this decade. At the moment modern is large and airy rooms. No clutter. Furniture shouldn’t fill the room, they should be multipurpose and easy to stack away to leave space.

Matching furniture sets. Find a shop which you like and stick with it. Avoid garish colours, bright lighting and uncomfortable furnishings. It’s all about being comfy.

*written in collaboration with Rattan Direct


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