How to Decide Which Interior Design Style Is Right for Your Home

You may have considered changing the style of your home by adding pictures, tub chairs, pillows, column radiators and fixtures in various rooms. Have you been left disappointed and still cannot seem to find the right style for your home? Read our guide on how to decide which style is right for your home.

Before we jump in, it’s important to keep in mind when reading this guide that each person is different. Whilst you may draw inspiration from a wide range of sources, there is no way you should or should not style your own living space. Just like fashion, home design is subjective and at the end of the day, whatever makes you happy is the right way to style your home.

Having said this, you may still have no idea on how to draw up inspiration and get your creativity on the go and that’s why we are here to help.

1. Get Inspiration Online

The internet is a wonderful way to get information about practically anything in the world within seconds. Could you imagine trying to visit every interior design and decorating shop in your area with no clue as to what it is you actually want? No thank you! Spend some time on search engines and pin them to a virtual pinboard (Pinterest is one of the best and also has its own search tool).

Be sure to search for online blog posts and magazine articles on particular styles for homes. Once you’ve chosen which kind of style you like, you’ll have more idea of what kind of things to buy when you shop.

2. Think About the Exterior of Your House

If your house is an old Victorian house, why not keep the theme and opt for some old Victorian accessories. A Victorian dressing table would create a classy vintage room to your bedroom and make you feel glam every morning.

Another option would be to go for a mix of old and modern. Just because your house is old on the outside, doesn’t mean you can’t make it modern on the inside (and vice versa – if you’re the owner of a newly built house, you can still create a vintage look on the inside).

3. Think About Who You Are

Let your interior design reflect who you are. Are you an artist? Hang up some paintings by your favourite artists on the wall. If you’re a collector, display them in a cabinet. If you’re interested in fashion, you could spend hours thinking of ways to reflect your style in your home. Have fun with your personal style and let it reflect in your home.

4. Colour and Pattern

If you have a favourite colour, try to think of other colours and patterns that go well with it. Once you’ve done this, decide which room it will look best in. For example, if you’ve decided on blue and white, you may end up being inspired by blue and white vintage bedroom styles. Once you’ve got this idea, the rest falls into place. One idea sets off a lot more, like dominoes. Before you know it, you’ll have your own styles and ideas.

5. Get Inspiration from the World Around You

If you’ve been abroad and liked a particular style of house or room you’ve stayed in, think about what you liked about it the most. Once you’ve done this, try to think of ways you can adapt these styles into your own home.

If you’ve never travelled abroad, you can still allow day to day life to inspire you. Take a walk and visit your friends and family. Keep your eyes open all the time for home inspiration.

6. Size

You should always take the size of your house into consideration when choosing the right interior design for your home. You may envisage a style made up of large furnishings, or you may have a large house and want a minimalistic style (making it look bare and unfinished). Always try to visualise how your own space will look at the end of your project.

7. Think About Your House as a Whole

If you want your entire living space to be mismatched, that is absolutely fine. However, if you don’t want this to happen and you don’t take it into consideration before you start decorating, you may end up kicking yourself. Think about your living space as a unit, rather than in parts. This will help you decide on which style is going to work throughout your entire home.

However you decide to style your home, remember to think it through and only decide on a style that suits who you are. Check out Tub Chairs for designs and furnishing suitable for any style of space.

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