Shnooks review

My boys loved unboxing toys so they were excited to received shnooks to try. You probably think that it’s too girly for them but honestly they don’t mind lol

We were sent 2 shnooks and their names are Shine and Shay. They come in bubble packaging and they can be your kids best friend. They also come with comb, hair clips and surprise accessories so it’s fun.

Once opened, you need to shake them and they can grow up to 8 times in size and style them with their accessories. My boys loved their shnooks since they have one of each. They used the comb and cliped the their hair too. You may need to use a soft bristle brush to gently remove all loose fibres.

Check out our video here and you can see that my son insisted it’s made in china, he was right, I was silly not to see it lol My son also said that it’s now available to buy in Tesco and the entertainer haha and that he can recommend this as a Christmas gift to kids.

You can collect them all and each of them has a name and personality.

Shnuggles gives you cuddle so true

Shweetly is always by your side

Shazam goes on adventure with you

Shine gives you warmth so bright

Shay gives you courage and might

Shmiley brings happiness you can’t hide

I thought this shnooks collection were fun and exciting way for kids to feel that they have a best friend that they can styles. I would definitely recommend them and would make a perfect present for kids.

Disclaimer : Items were sent free for the purpose of this review. However, all thoughts and opinion are mine.

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