Gift guide for a Minecraft fan

My 6 year old is crazy about Minecraft at the moment and all of his Christmas list has been Minecraft related, so for those of you in the same boat here is a few suggestions he has requested:

My kids always get an annual each and I managed to find a Minecraft one

The kids also always get a some clothes each, this year it is a hoodie, so we chose a Minecraft hoodie! But they also do pyjamas, t shirts, baseball hats

His main present is Minecraft Lego, Lego is never cheap but this should keep him busy for quite a while

My favourite present is this wall torch, if you have watched the kids play Minecraft you will know this is how you light up the world at night and I am sure my son will adore this in his bedroom. It even attaches to the wall like the ones in the game.

I also found lunch boxes and backpacks all Minecraft themed

There is a whole heap of fairly cheap Minecraft soft toys. Perfect for stocking fillers. You can get the pig, a creeper, the sheep, the cow…etc etc etc…I swear you can get everything, whatever is their favourite you will find it.

Is your little person a Minecraft fan? Let me know if you have found anything to add to my list!?

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