7 Hobbies You Should Dabble in if You’re a Mum

Becoming a mother is one of the most fulfilling and life-changing experiences in a woman’s life – and while your daily routine becomes full of all sorts of new things, it’s only natural that some of your old hobbies can get left behind. Whether it was just hanging out with your friends at your favorite haunt over the weekends or taking part in a weekly class, once you have a little one taking up all of your time, it can start to feel like there’s no room left for what you enjoy doing!

As your child starts to become more independent however, it’s a good opportunity to explore some new areas of interest, and maybe discover a few hidden talents you might not otherwise have come across. We’ve put together seven hobbies which a new mum can take part in, while still keeping a watchful eye on your precious charge!

1. Start a walking club or sports team

One of the best ways to lift your spirits is by getting out of the house for a bit of exercise and sunshine – and best of all, this is something you can do with the kids, whether they’re still in a stroller or old enough to tag along. Make it a social activity by including mums from your area along with their kids – it will give you and the young ones a chance to make new friends and socialize too! If you have a local public sports field or big park that can act as a meeting point, then you might want to explore playing some casual sports games too.

Post in your local online classifieds or Facebook group every now and then to encourage new members to join you. As a bonus on the side, you’ll probably find some of the mums you meet along the way will have hobbies of their own that you can jump on board with too!

2. Photography

Photography is a great hobby for mums, not just as a way to be creative, but also because it helps you capture all those special moments as your little one grows up too. It’s also a very versatile hobby – you can use your smartphone, a digital camera, or even an old Polaroid or film camera to add a retro feel to your shots.

Make sure you don’t leave your best shots on the cloud somewhere though! Take your favorites and have them printed out for a photo album or scrapbook, or go full out with the very best ones and have them converted into large canvas prints that you can use to decorate your home and impress visitors with!

3. Start a veggie garden

Gardening is one of the most rewarding hobbies, as you literally get to see your work blossom and grow! Starting and maintaining a veggie garden is a great way to supplement your cooking with your very own fresh produce, and educate the kids about healthy eating at the same time.

4. Learn to DIY
These days, there’s a tutorial on YouTube for just about everything under the sun! The next time something breaks or you’re about to throw an old piece of furniture away, see if you can’t fix it or ‘upcycle’ it yourself!

5. Host movie nights with a bonus dinner swap
This is a great way to combine play dates for the kids with some grown up conversation for the mums! Whoever is hosting is off the hook for cooking, and the attending mums all bring something along to eat (and maybe a bottle of wine or two!). Start with a kids’ movie for the young ones, and once they’ve been put to bed, put something more grown up on for the mums. This is a great way to include your old friends who don’t have kids of their own too – and maybe check out their babysitting potential!

6. Take part in arts and crafts lessons with the kids

If your little one is taking part in arts and crafts, music or pottery lessons – join in! You’ll get to watch them being creative and make something with your own hands too.

7. Make some extra cash online
Many women who give up their jobs to take care of their kids miss the independence of earning some extra cash for themselves. Luckily there are more and more work from home opportunities you can take part in, from writing and editing, to transcription and marketing opportunities, online surveys, and much more.

Why hobbies are so good for mums

Many stay at home mums can start to feel isolated and cut off from their friends and the rest of the world. Finding a hobby that adds meaning and fun to your life outside of your duties as a parent is a great way to make this special time with your little one even more rewarding!

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  1. Love dabbling in lots of different things -my new challenge for 2018 is to learn how to sell stuff
    I’m hopeless
    You’ve already given me tips

  2. Photography is a good interest to take up as your phone is always handy to capture those moments that will never come again.

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