Toys for a pound haul

With Christmas just around the corner, present can be very expensive. That’s why I’m pleased to discovered toys for a pound and tried them by buying loads. Everything I got is £1 each.

These 3D backpacks were amazing and who would believe that they are only a pound each. I will give them to my friends children along with other things.

These Thomas & friends take and play philip is like £3.99 or £4.99 each at the shop and they are only £1 each plus the doll houses and the frozen hat & glove set which are brilliant.

The batman hat & glove set where good plus the play money is perfect for learning to count for my boys. I’m really pleased with my purchased.

I have bought other items as well but my 6 year’s old boy opened them already. Everything is their website is £1 each but they also have special offer which is a bit more like £6 or £3 because they are more expensive stuff.

They are definitely a bargain and worth trying. I would definitely recommend them for your stocking fillers.

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