Top tips in hosting a Christmas party.

Being a party host is harder than I thought. Imagine all the endless list of task to do such as food shopping, cooking, cleaning, decorating and entertaining. I don’t know how I survived it but asking people for their tips does really help.

Every year, my friends and I have Christmas party and this year it’s my turn to host. I was dreading it before the day and that’s why I ask my fellow blogger for their tips.

Elizabeth from the homemakers journal said to Create a luxe look – Attention to detail is important to choose a color scheme which will run throughout everything from tree decorations, to flowers, table settings, and candles. A scented candle can evoke real scents of Christmas, allowing guests to reflect on their favorite festive memories. Keep your color scheme as complementary to your home décor as possible.

Debbie from my boys club said, Don’t hide away in the kitchen – you are more important than the food or drinks to your guests – or should be! – make sure you have fun too. To help prepare as much in advance as possible.

Louise from pink pear bear said, Don’t panic if something doesn’t pan out, your guests won’t know what you were planning and that the centre piece/certain drink/your dress didn’t arrive. I think the rule to any party is plenty of booze, some food to soak it up and good music!

Vikki from Family travel with Ellie said, Christmas means all things sparkly ! Having the house , and particularly the table, beautifully festively decorated will give you confidence straight away. Candles, sparkles and beautiful glasses ( filled with champagne is usually a winner too!)

Eva from captain bob cat said, Convince the other part of the family to host. 😂 lol

Charlie from our altered life said to Create a fun, seasonal play list so that your guests have some background tunes while they are chatting etc. Make a list of the timings when food needs to go in so that you dont have to ‘think’ about it all – just follow the plan. Have nibbles and welcome drinks ready (cheap champagne flutes from home bargains are fab) so that people can start without you and you dont feel under pressure to have the main food ready as soon as they walk in through the door. Take rescue remedy hahaha – I swear by it! (or gin)

Nyomi from Nomi Palony said to Get as much stuff done before so you don’t have to faff on when your guests arrive. Bought or pre-made food. Also, get paper plates and disposable cutlery/cups so tidying up is easy at the end!

Nikki from Yorkshire wonders said to Plan some charades beforehand (but make sure everyone is suitably merry before you even suggest it!) then get everyone involved. It;s a great one for the kids too!

Victoria from the growing Mum said to Accept offers of help on the day but make a list of tasks beforehand and mark the independent ones. So you can quickly (but not too quickly ;)) give out a task that can be carried out without getting in your way).

Helen from talking mums said, Prepare as much as possible the day before. Don’t attempt to create works of art with your food – you’ll just end up in the kitchen the whole time. Keep the food simple and easy. Make sure you have enough loo roll! Kitchen roll for spillages x

Sophie from soph obsessed said, Worry less. Honestly no one will care about those little things you’re getting in a tizz about. Enjoy yourself, delegate and let the moment flow. Also make sure if people are driving they park considerately especially if they are leaving their cars over night!

Emma from even Angels fall said that She wrote about this last Christmas, and she was so kind to share the link 😊

Sal from hello little Lovely said to Keep drinks outside where it’s cold, throw coats upstairs, keep it uncluttered and go for simple decor – (white tablecloths and jars of fairy lights always look lovely!)

Veronica from my parenting journey said to Keep it simple. Don’t take on something fancy unless you have all the time. I think it is best to focus on the activities on the party. Also, as long as you have booze and good music you’re safe.

Becka from mummyest2014 said to Use lots of disposable items such as paper plates and table clothes. You can get nice festive ones and then just throw it away afterwards. Less washing up and cleaning to do at the end of the day.

Kate from Kate on thin ice said, Never ever invite people you don’t actually like 😉

Jaki from Jaki Jellz said to Spotify for the music. You can come up with your own playlist or use the spotify radio option, this way it never runs out and you don’t have people messing around with your music, because there is always one!!

All this tips made me feel more prepared although I wasn’t really organised I managed to pulled off a good party that everyone enjoyed.

I was also thankful for the party supplies & decoration from Inspired by Alma. It’s a company which provides a range of personalised party decorations for all ages and occasions including First birthdays, Baby showers, Weddings, Hen dos, Christmas, Halloween, Valentines day, Christenings and much more.

Here are some of the photos of our Christmas party. Check out the video as well below.

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