What is your traditional Christmas celebration?

Christmas food in the Philippines

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Our Christmas in the uk

In the Philippines, Christmas Eve (“Bisperas ng Pasko“) on December 24 is celebrated with the Midnight Mass, and the traditional Noche Buena feast. Family members dine together at around midnight on traditional yuletide fare, which includes: queso de bola (Filipino Spanish for “ball of cheese”, which is made of edam sealed in red paraffin wax); tsokoláte, noodles and pasta, fruit salad, pandesal, relleno and hamón (Christmas ham). Some families would also open presents at this time.

We also roast a hog in the Philippines along with many different foods for buffet instead of having roast turkey. We cook loads of food to share with family, friends and neighbour.

I also remembered when I was young, I saw my mum putting apples and presents at Christmas Eve in our stockings, that’s when I found out that santa clause was not real.

It’s nice to know everyone’s way of celebrating Christmas hence I have asked my fellow bloggers to share their traditional Christmas celebration. Here what they have got to say.

Julie from pondering parenthood said, We have a traditional turkey roast with all of the trimmings; pigs in blankets, stuffing, roast potatoes and cranberry sauce. And crackers on the table, of course! I always make a chocolate truffle torte for pudding, too!

Amy from All about Mummy said, We always have trifle for pudding on Christmas Day. Has to happen or it isn’t Christmas!

Sarah from Boo roo and tigger too said, We always have a full English cooked breakfast on Christmas morning. With a later Christmas Dinner as we are always too full to eat at lunchtime

Eve from captain bob cat said, As I’m vegetarian, but my hubby eats meat. But on Christmas Eve we have nut roast for everyone. It’s been 5 years now and it was actually his idea. Even if we have guests over, it’s nut roast only for everyone 🙂

Sinead from Sinead Latham said, My mum passed away 9 years ago and so every xmas morning we head to the cemetery to spend some time reflecting and chatting about what’s happened over the past few years. It’s nice to stop for a min before the rest of the day turns to chaos 💛

Phill from Four Seasons Dad said, Tradition to always go for a walk on Xmas day. Either to make some room or grab some excercise pre dinner.

Vikki from Family travel with Ellie said, We always have smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for our traditional Christmas breakfast, washed down by delicious Buck’s Fizz!

Sophie from Mama Mei said, We always make ducks out of mashed potato and as we’re mixed race Chinese and English we have at least one Chinese meal xx

Pete from Household Money saving said, We have pigs in blankets and sausage rolls for breakfast. For lunch, we have a full turkey roast and in the evening we have a salad with prawns and salmon.

Irina from Wave to Mummy said, I’m from Finland and we have a bit of Finnish Christmas foods on Christmas Eve and open at least one of the gifts. Otherwise we celebrate a normal traditional British Christmas with the in-laws!

Jenni from The bear and the fox said, We are a German/Scottish family. On Christmas Eve we go to church in the afternoon, afterwards eat potato salad & sausages, then open half of our presents. On Christmas Day, we open our stockings in the morning. Then we have a full cooked Scottish breakfast, and afterwards open the rest of our presents.

Nina from Spencer’s Arc said, I find Christmas Day so hectic and cooking on Christmas Day takes me away from the family so we have dinner on Christmas Eve for the past few years anyway. While I’m preparing & setting the table hubby takes kids to soft play!

Nadine from then I became Mum said, We have bacon sandwiches for breakfast then turkey, gammon and pigs in blanket with all the trimmings for our dinner. We spend the evening playing board games with family and visiting friends.

Veronica from My parenting Journey said, My daughter loves spaghetti and she always requests to have pasta during important celebrations and Christmas is not an exception. I think it’s going to be a tradition for us to serve pasta from now on. We also have a habit of praying together before opening presents. 🙂

Laura from Edinburgh with kids said, I’ve never had turkey for Christmas as my Dad didn’t like white meat. So we have prime rib with a sage and orange marinade! For presents we take it in turns to open one, starting with the youngest and working up to oldest and so on. This spreads them out through the day and everyone pays attention to what everyone else is getting too!

Victoria from Lilia Rose said, I’m veggie so I just have the veg and stuffing, sometimes a nut roast. Hubby and the kids will have chicken breasts as he’s not fussed about the whole turkey thing. I always tend to do the organising, but hubby will help me cook the dinner on Christmas Day. We’ll cook for a couple of family members too and they are happy to have what we have. The kids will always open their presents in the morning, sometimes spreading after lunch if they stop and play with some. The afternoon is Christmas films/TV/music and playing with the kids new toys.

Claire from she eats said, After the madness of the day with family, just the two of us in our PJs chilling out in the evening and watching a bad film / tv. I usually have a sandwich made of leftovers too! x

No matter how you celebrate your Christmas as long as your happy then I think it’s the most wonderful time of the year. We wish you all a merry Christmas everyone.

Love from

Eps & Amy

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