New year’s resolution and motivation in achieving it.

New Year’s Eve is finally here which makes us think of new year’s resolution. Did you ever have a successful resolution? If so, what are your motivation in achieving it?

Our New Year’s cake that I had baked today.

Last year, I vowed to give up drinking coffee and stop eating junk food but my diet and lifestyle still the same. I feel like I don’t have a good motivation so this time I have ask my fellow bloggers for their New Years resolution and tips in achieving it before committing to a new one.

Kati from how to rock at parenting says, I tend to make my new year’s resolutions in the last quarter of a year rather than at the end of December. I found that doing it that way reduces the guilt that comes with the lazier Christmas period as I’m already well into completing my resolutions by then. This year I am resolved to fit back into my slim clothes by dropping 2 stone and upping my exercise, as well as focusing on my career after two years of focusing on achieving my family goals.

Rachael from Racheal Claire says, To make more time for myself! Since welcoming a baby in May, I’ve found myself constantly at the bottom of a very long list; mummy, housework, girlfriend, blogging ect. In 2018 I want to be a little more selfish, even if that’s just taking 10 minutes out of the day to apply a face mask or have an extra long shower. I’ve noticed it’s the little things that can make all the difference!

Veronica from My parenting Journey says, My new year’s resolution is keeping things simple and not being too materialistic. I guess it also includes choosing products which are more sustainable. I realized it would not only help our family save money but at the same time save the environment. This Christmas, I didn’t cook too much food, just enough for the family to avoid any leftovers. For my tips, I think it would be best to sell or give away things that you no longer need.

Pete from Household money saving says, I want to put more effort into studying. If I pass my exams it means that I can change career and stop working shifts. That will give me more time to spend with my family.

Cathryn from Cardiff mummy says, Three years ago I made a resolution that I have fully stuck to and have renewed every year since. The resolution is to include myself (and other adults) in more photos. I had a shocking realisation while sorting through photos at the end of the year that it was like adults did not exist. I had so many photos of my children, their cousins and friends’ children… but hardly any grown ups and barely any of me. It was like they were living in an adult-free world!!

I didn’t want my children to end up in later life with no photos of their parents/grandparents etc so as much as I hate looking at myself in photos, that was the motivation to keep going. I hardly have any photos of my grandma, who died when I was 16, and it makes me really sad. I didn’t want that for my children. I wrote about it here:

Kate from the Mum conundrum says, I want to get back into shape. Not for vanity, but because I’ve been pregnant 4 times in the last 6 years, and it’s taken its toll on my body. I have a really painful bad back and a weak core. Getting back into shape will make everyday life less painful and easier on a day to day basis, so the reward will be huge for me x

Laura from five little doves says, I’ve joined the gym for the first time in 38 years. I’m determined to swim three times a week!

Lynette from reclusive fox says, I joined a gym at the start of December as the resolutions I start in January mainly(always) fail. I have since pulled a stomach musclenofter the Intensive Core class but I will return asap and hope to lose some weight by June. A stone. Last year I quit smoking after quitting in February, almost been a year!

Emma from the money whisperer says, I’m going to meal plan next year – I always say I will but am determined this year to reduce our food waste after visiting our local foodbank.

Laura from Edinburgh with kids says, Last year my resolution was to read 52 books in a year. My motivation was that it was my second year to attempt it having only read 43 the year before. Having achieved it this year I have to say I’m not sure it’s really made a difference to my life. Like reading lots isn’t really a big change for me so this year I’d like to find something that makes more of a difference!

Jess from tantrums to smiles says, This year my goal is to be more organised. I’m so sick of running round last minute feeling unprepared and its costing me too as buying things last minute means I’m spending more! I’ve brought a family calendar that we can all write our things on and I am going to be meal planning so we aren’t creating loads of food waste and flapping around tea time about what to cook! I also plan on making a spreadsheet for my money so I can hopefully organise some sort of saving!

Terri from the strawberry fountain says, My resolution is to give more. More time to those that want it, money to those that need it, more blood in a regular basis. I want to find ways I can give back and make sure I do it as much as possible

Nikki from Yorkshire wonders says, My resolution is a better work/life balance. As well as blogging, we run a small business and work all hours on it. I want to improve how we do things, make things more efficient and take less work on. The children are only small for a short space of time and j want to enjoy it while it is happening, not look back with regrets.

Jennie from rice cakes and raisins says, I’m going to try so hard this year not worry about what others think of me. A best friend cut all contact with me this year, completely out of the blue, and it was one of the most painful things I’ve experienced. It really knocked my confidence but 2018 is a fresh year and I’m going to have faith in myself that I did nothing wrong and will make sure I really focus on the special people I do have 🙂

Eva from captain bobcat says, I’m going to be better organised! Just downloading planners and bought a diary for the first time of my life. I realised that I do forget a lot of things in The midst of looking after the children, blogging and generally the parent with a huge mental load. If I can write it down and just check what’s on my list every day – I feel like my head will be less heavy with all the information.

Amy from a Mum full of dreams says, I want to get back into jogging – not just because I need to lost weight but because I feel like it will help with the anxiety/PND I’ve just started having counselling for. We were talking about what I do to relax and realised I’m always doing something, so this seems the perfect way to do it. I’ve started the couch 2 5k a few times and never stuck to it so this time I’ve signed up for the Newmarket 10k. It’s actually been renamed to the Marcus Gynn 10k in honour of one of my oldest and dearest friends who died last year – he’s my motivation!

Irina from wave to mummy says, The only new years resolutions I’ve managed to consistently keep is to floss daily. My dentist used to complain about it to me for ages and obviously there are health benefits to it. I started doing it every evening, without a fail, and after a couple of months I couldn’t go to sleep without having flossed- my teeth would feel dirty. It helped that the resolution was simple and very quick to complete daily!

Louise from pink bear bear said, I want to get back into running. It gives me so much head space and means I can eat cake! I’m waiting until our dog is one and then I’m going to really go for it again as that’s when he can run with me.

Whatever your new year’s resolution, we wish you a very happy 2018! See you next year everyone. Thank you for supporting us.

Love from Eps & Amy

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