5 Great Things To Do When The Weather Is Miserable Outside

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We could all do with a lift post-Christmas, so what better time to plan a fun day out? Whether it’s a day with the family or with a group of friends getting everyone together for an activity will lift the spirits in a dull January. But when its grey and cold outside, what can you do to keep active and create some great memories? Here are a few ideas for winter fun:

Have A Pamper Day

If you want to get your cosy on and you don’t fancy venturing outside at all, how about a pamper day? Gather up supplies for a home manicure, face masks, deep conditioners for hair and other treatments. Get snuggled on the sofa with your favourite hot drink, like a deluxe hot chocolate recipe, and stick on an old favourite classic film. Then spend the day preening, pampering and making a fuss of yourself. It’s amazing what a lift this can give you if you’re feeling a little run down.

Try an Escape Room

If something more active is on the cards, have you tried a Room Escape Experience yet? They are real-life puzzle games set in physical locations. You put a team together and use a combination of mental and physical skills to play. Usually, the team will have to find a key or activate a mechanism to unlock a door and move on to the next stage of the game. Some of them have elaborate production values and make for a great, novel day out for people of all ages.  There’s a time limit to solve the puzzles and usually some kind of hidden challenge that takes out of the box thinking.

Visit the Aquarium

Not just for kids, a visit to the aquarium can be a delight when the weather isn’t nice enough for outdoor pursuits. Seeing marine wildlife can be incredibly calming, and it’s a chance to learn something new. There are large sea life centres in Birmingham. Brighton, London, Blackpool, Cornwall, Manchester and more. Plus, by visiting you are supporting marine conservation work, which is so important. If you loved watching Blue Planet II recently, why not visit the stars in person?

Immerse Yourself in History

If 2017 seemed like a hard year, why not try stepping back in time? There are so many great historical attractions to be found around the country – from hundreds of National Trust properties to the Black Country Museum, which gives a peek into the industrial heritage and has been used as a location in the filming of the smash hit Peaky Blinders. The chance to discover more about the past is a powerful one.

Throw a Pudding Party

Another indoors idea that works for all ages – if you’re not on a health kick, or you fancy a cheat day, why not throw a Pudding Party? Everyone picks a different dessert idea to make then you all get together with a bunch of various sweet treats. From a chocolate brownie tray back to a gin and tonic trifle or an epic Eton Mess, all ages and abilities can find a recipe to make – and then you get to try each one! Think of it as your own mini version of Bake Off!

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