Introducing colour to your wardrobe

How can you introduce colour into your wardrobe this season?
Once upon a time, unless you had a lot of spare money, you wore clothes of a mundane colour. Nowadays colour is everywhere! We may associate bright colours such as yellow, lime and pink with summer and beach holidays, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many ways to incorporate a splash of colour into your wardrobe. For example, if you’re less confident with vibrant colours, consider colourful stitching and accessorising and if you’re feeling brave, go all out with a neon jumper.

Fashion experts and clothing retailers, Trilogy Stores, give us some advice on what trends are popular this season and how to work them into your winter closet.

The colour trends
As always, there are many patterns and colours that come in and out of fashion. On the AW 17/18 catwalk however, some were more popular than others.

The very-wearable blue was certainly prominent on the catwalk. Designers such as Celine, Fendi and Bottega Veneta incorporated a shade of blue into many of their garments. Red was also a big colour on the catwalk — it became less sexualised and more wearable according to fashion experts, as Prada and Fendi included the colour in many of their outfits. Shine, shimmer and ‘space-age’ fabrics and patent leather were also used widespread across fashion designers, such as Miu Miu.

Often, many of us feel more comfortable in darker colours as it avoids us standing out too much from the crowd. Black especially is a safe, go-to option for many due to its simplistic yet classy appearance. However, as well as looking brighter and more vibrant to others, research has shown that wearing colour can make you happier too! There are some subtler changes that you can make to your wardrobe to incorporate a dash of colour.

Without overpowering your outfit too much, try adding more colour to your make-up and nail polish collection. A red lip is an effective look, or practise a smoky eye effect with colours other than blacks and greys.

Add a pop of colour to any ensemble through your choice of accessories. Don’t worry too much about coordination — a bright pair of earrings of chunky bracelet would lighten up any outfit.

Another way to add colour is with stitching. There are many garments available online and on the high-street that you can choose from. Some tops and jumpers have coloured necklines and cuffs that have been stitched with a brighter colour, for example.

One trend that dominated the catwalk was the pinched in waist. Amongst other designers, Louis Vuitton and Nina Ricci dressed their models in outfits with a belt around the waist. In your wardrobe, why not couple a black jumpsuit with a red clinching belt and red heels? This would add some colour to the outfit whilst remaining on trend.

More daring moves

If you really want to brighten up your closet, add larger blocks of colour. Jumper 1234, offer a range of colourful cashmere jumpers that go perfect with a pair of denim jeans and your favourite ankle boots. Be cosy and fashionable!

Think about making a statement with your footwear too. A pair or coloured patent boots can be matched with many outfits to provide a splash of colour. Boots that are a deep red or purple can be worn with black tights and dresses for evening wear and a pair of jeans for a day time look. Buy a matching bag to complete the look.

Think about treating yourself to some coloured denim. Collect different colours over time such as aubergine, teal and dark reds to complete your wardrobe. Pair them with a jumper or tailored jacket for autumn and winter time, and a casual t-shirt in the summer.


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