Skiing with young children

Personally I have always seen skiing as a middle class holiday, where the parents book this kids into ski school and don’t see them all day while they go out having fun, then have the nanny look after them all evening. That was until my husband got into skiing and convinced us to go away for a week with him to Morzine (French Alps).

We booked the kids and me into lessons locally at Milton Keynes and Hemel Hempstead indoor snow slopes, so we weren’t so rubbish when we got out there. This was expensive but worth it so the kids could go on the main slopes with us safely.

The trip itself was amazing, we had a catered chalet; which meant that we had 2 “chalet people” who served us breakfast, afternoon cake and dinner and did all the washing up etc for us and were available to give us lifts to the slope as well.

The children loved living in the snow, they made snowmen and snow angels, we took them sledging and had snowball fights! We went into town and had pancakes and hot chocolate sat out in the snow and took them ice skating. We booked them a few more lessons on the actual mountain, but mostly the kids just spent their time with us. Even without the skiing the kids loved this holiday and I would recommend a snow holiday.

A skiing holiday isn’t the cheapest holiday, especially if you have to go in the kids school holidays. The holiday itself was about the same price as a “sunny” holiday, the extra costs come from slope passes and buying equipment (which you only need to do if they are actually going to ski).

Of course, if you go on a summer holiday the kids have all the clothes needed but honestly you don’t need that much extra items for a snow holiday. You can layer up your normal clothes (long sleeves tops and leggings) and a normal winter coat will work fine for you. Make sure you buy a good pair of salopettes and some snow boots, these are vital whether they are skiing or not, there are some great online shops which do well priced kids ski wear, definitely avoid the high street brands it just doesn’t hold up to the cold.
Also remember that up the mountain you are closer to the sun, so need sun cream for any exposed areas and the snow can cause a lot of glare so you may need sunglasses too; check out simply hike accessories section for these items.

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