Travelling safely in winter

A few years ago hubby decided to take a trip away skiing with the lads, so the other wives and I decided to book a winter holiday as well, however we decided that winter sun was much more fun than a cold holiday and we booked a week away in Morocco. Of course for our trips away we would need to drive to the airport, in winter and then deal with a flight as well.

Travelling in winter, whether in the uk or going abroad on holiday, is more risky than travelling in the warm summer months. The below infographic by Slater & Gordon Lawyers gives some helpful guidelines for both car journeys and flights in the winter months, including:

  • Give yourself extra time before your car journey (especially if you have to be somewhere by a certain time, eg a flight)
  • Make sure tour car is equipped for winter: some countries require the use of winter tires and don’t forget a blanket and first aid kit in case of a breakdown.
  • Dvt is more likely in winter, so wear support socks on your flights.

Whether you are travelling within the uk, seeking sun abroad or enjoying a winter snow holiday stay safe and have a fabulous break!

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