Where does all our money go?!

Most of my wages go on boring everyday things, like the mortgage, energy bills and other household expenses, but it’s nice to treat ourselves once in a while!

My favourite treats are a spa day or a mid-week takeaway. But the question is just how much do us Brits spend on treating ourselves and how do we compare to our European neighbours? Hotel linen provider, Shortridge Laundry does the math:

Eating out

In 2016, eating out was definitely the most common treat we brits enjoy, with 85% of UK consumer money spent on going out to eat.

On average, Brits eat out twice a week, spending £44 per week in total, that’s £176 a month or £288,000 over the course of a lifetime. Those aged between 18 and 29 spend double this figure, a massive £88 per week, or £352 per month.

Only the Spanish eat out more regularly than us Brits, Italy follows in third followed by Germany and France.

Hotel stays

New research from Point A Hotels has shown that the typical Brit will spend an average of £52 per night on a hotel. This suggests that budget and mid-range hotels are most popular in the UK.

This is further confirmed by additional research that suggests that 70% of hotel guests never make use of the hotel gym or spa. However, it’s a different story for Swiss travellers. According to a report by Kayak, 72% of Swiss travellers will book a luxury hotel.


I definitely like to pamper myself a bit. I always get my nails and eyebrows done and I love to spend out on new make up (check out my beauty routine video here).

According to research by TotallyMoney.com, we spend £4,454 on average, including haircuts, makeup, gym memberships and beauty treatments. This does vary by region, for example in Leeds, the beauty spend climbs to £7,000 per year, while in London it stands at £6,300.

The UK is by far the highest spenders on beauty products, according to 2014 statistics. European consumers spend €129 on cosmetic products per year. Norway has the highest average cosmetics spend, nearing €250.

Buying clothes

Despite popular opinion that women love to shop, recent research in the UK revealed that it was men who spent the most, I know, I was surprised too. On average, men spend £100 on clothes, compared to women who spend £74. The survey also showed that men are more sensible at buying clothes, women tend to have more items in their wardrobe they don’t wear. All in all, the average Brit spends £1,042 on clothes each year.

Across Europe, it was found that Estonia spent the highest percentage of their household expenditure on clothing and footwear at 6.7%. Not far behind is Italy with 6.3% and the UK with 5.7%.

Spending time at the cinema

Movie streaming is becoming more popular, however, according to the research we still spend a lot of time visiting the cinema.

Globally, in 2015, expenditure at the cinema added up to between $38 and $40 billion (£29m – £31m). In the UK, we only spend around £19 per head annually on the cinema – apparently it is the high cost of cinema tickets that deters us, this does not surprise me.

In terms of frequency of going to the cinema, the French visit on average 3.3 times per year, Germany 1.5 and in the UK, we head to the pictures 2.6 times a year. I have cut down and now only see films which look best on the big screen: action movies!
















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