Top tips in getting a cheap deal with foods

Money is tight after Christmas so I’m all about saving money this time of year. I usually look around online for the best deal before buying something.

Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I’m looking to buy a chocolate for my husband. We’re both chocolate lovers.

I came across a site called latest deals and I saw that they have a cheap Cadbury deals. I was looking around to see where I can find the cheapest deal on chocolate and Cadbury is one of our fave brands. I couldn’t believe it gives so many of options as to which shop offers the best deal. It’s like a money supermarket where it compare prices from different stores. Now my chocolate valentines gift is sorted. Chocolate or flowers has always been a traditional valentines gift. You can’t go wrong with chocolate, wine or flowers.

I would like to be a proper bargain hunter so I also ask my fellow bloggers with their tips in getting a cheap deal with foods. Here what they have got to say:

Helena from the queen of collage said, buy in bulk if you can.

Pete from household money saving said, Download a cashback app like Shopmium. You can often find grocery items heavily discounted or even free.

Christy from welsh Mum said, If you can buy off branded products from places like Lidl and Aldi you will save a lot of money. If you are looking for a specific brand, set up a deal alert on HotUKDeals and you’ll get an email whenever someone posts that there’s an offer on so you can stock up!

Laura from autumn’s Mummy blog said, Don’t be pulled in by offers. Look at the labels on the shelves and do the maths! Sometimes the offers are deceiving and you actually end up spending more.

Sinead from Sinead Latham said, If you have the time/ patience. Find out when your supermarket does it’s final reductions and you can save some serious money. We don’t get to do it very often, but when we do we have managed to grab some brilliant bargains for the freezer.

Jenny from monkey and mouse said, Popping into the supermarket at around 7pm to get the best reduced deals.

Debbie from my boys club said, Bulk buy discounted food and batch cook and make the most of your freezer if you have one.

Beth from twinderelmo said, Check site like mysupermarket to find what are the best daily deals in the big supermarkets. Saves you time going store to store and also lots of money

Kati from how to rock at parenting said, Get in contact with them. You can get some amazing offers, vouchers and samples by simply contacting the brand and telling them what you think – being nice pays.

Georgina from Gee Gardner said, Yellow stickers are your friend! That and checking if deals are actually saving you money. Sometimes buying a larger version rather than the BOGOF offer works out cheaper and vica versa.

Jennie from rice, cakes and raisins said, Buy supermarket’s own range, even the basic ranges, as it will be just as good quality but cheaper

Linda from mother distracted said, Apparently some supermarkets start to reduce prices on best before / use by stuff as early as 10 am so it’s worth getting to know what your local store does and getting in quick.

Jen from just average Jen said, Check the world foods section often things like tinned tomatoes pasta chick peas and more are cheaper in that section!

Becci from to aufinity and beyond said, Meal plan for the week. Write it down and buy ingredients for that only. A few treats is okay but it will save you money. And don’t shop on an empty stomach!

Rachael from lukeosaurus and me said, I always check cashback apps Shopmium and CheckoutSmart when I head in to see if there are any treats I can get for free. We leave the shopping as late as we can and have found around 7/8pm is the best time for Yellow Sticker items! We pick up all sorts of things this way and pop a few bits in the freezer too. Also check the world food section because, as I discovered, things like pre chopped garlic in jars is literally 75% cheaper here then the supermarkets ‘own brand’ stuff.

Michelle from time and pence said, Have a go at Wombling. Simply pick up other people’s discarded receipts and use Asda’s price guarantee to print off coupons on-line.

Kate from the Mum conundrum said, Do your shopping online at your supermarket of choice via the mysupermarket website – you can compare prices on similar products and choose the swap and save options shown, plus collect nectar points and cashback as you go.

Katie from Mum of 2.5 said, For things like chocolates always look in the shops the day after a big event like Valentine’s day, Easter etc. All the chocs and related items with themed packaging will be reduced. We got loads of selection boxes reduced after Xmas far cheaper than it would have been to buy just one Cadbury chocolate bar!

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