Valentines gift guide for a husband or boyfriend

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner again and I have run out of gift ideas for my lovely husband. That’s why I have asked my fellow bloggers for their gift idea.

Mummy2twindividuals suggests all sorts of ideas to involve the children in your gifts this year

Debbie from My boys club said, I adopted a whale for him one year to help support the charity. His favourite are Orca’s.

Amy from All about Mummy said, We’ve stopped doing proper presents now and instead always make sure we spend the evening catching up. Because of the kids we do a home date night. Really nice food, cocktails and most importantly no TV or phone!!!

Beth from Twinderelmo said, Clothes. He’s rubbish at buying anything for himself so birthdays/Christmas/valentines are the only time he gets new clothes as he hates shopping!

Louise from A strong coffee said, We don’t do presents. Just a nice meal together. As it’s half term it will be me cooking it though!

Victoria from The growing Mum said, Every so often I get him something with our picture on it that he’ll use like coaster for work, mug etc

Sarah from Champagne and petals said, We always make sure we have a nice meal together often the m&s Valentines meal for 2. And pray the children go to bed on time! We always do cards and then a token gift. This year I’ve bought him a nice bottle of Gin. Both of our birthdays and in February so it can become a pricy month for us.

Mia from Seaside living with a turtle and unicorn said, Nothing… he’s got me what else could he possibly want hahaha

Victoria from Starlight and stories said, Something different each year, usually something practical but with a nice message, so for instance one year it was a clock and I added a message saying how much I love spending time with him.

Jennie from Rice, cakes and raisins said, My husband is pretty chuffed with his annual Valentine’s Toblerone! 😂

Terri from The strawberry fountain said, Aftershave and chocolate. A bit boring and predictable but always appreciated by him

Veronica from My parenting Journey said, We don’t have a habit of giving gifts for any occasion but if we do, both of us opt for a quality pair of sneakers or any pair of shoes. We are both sneaker heads and those can really be expensive to buy on a regular basis so we appreciate it anytime we gift each other sneakers. It’s our go-to gift when we ran out of ways to get creative.

Irina from Wave to mummy said, If I get him something, it will be to do with his big passions in life – tickets to a live music gig, something to do with Arsenal or a rugby equipment. Anything I know he loves and appreciates. If I am getting just something for us, it might be a nice meal or tickets to see something good.

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