Top tips on making and saving extra money

As we know, December and January are the most expensive months of the year, with gift expenses followed by the tempting sales. I’m sure money is tight after the holiday season!? This is why I’m all about making and saving money this year.

Here are my fellow bloggers top tips on making and saving extra money.

Laura from the mamma fairy says, saving for holidays is how my January always starts. Check out her money saving tips here 👉🏼

Victoria from lilia rose says, This month we’ve given ourselves a tight budget for spending. We’ve taken it out as cash and divided it up into weeks. Every Friday we ‘pay’ ourselves this cash. We’re not allowed to spend on cards. Seeing the actual cash makes us more careful with it and we’ve stuck to our budget since the early Christmas pay, so it’s working!

Fiona from a Mum track mind says, I always try and buy toddler clothes from Ebay bundles or charity shops – there are so many fantastic deals to be had but always go prepared with a list of things you really need otherwise you end up just thinking “oh that’s cute!” about it all! We have four kids so this has been invaluable for us.

Angela from adventures in websterland says, I had a huge declutter just after Christmas and have been using the Schpock app, gumtree and Facebook market place to sell the things we no longer need. We’ve made a nice little sum to boost our January budget already.

Beth from twinderellemo says,Look for local table top sales. They’re usually very cheap to have your own table and sell on any unwanted Christmas gifts and stuff you have bagged up to make way for the new Christmas toys/clothes. It all adds up and clears some space

Pete from household money saving shared his post about top paying survey site which could be helpful. Read it here. Emma from the money whisperer said Use cash instead of swiping your card – it makes you behave differently. Work out what you need and can afford for the week, withdraw it in cash and then only spend that money. Handing over a £20 note and receiving no change is totally different psychologically to swiping your card for a £20 purchase – it really makes you consider cheaper alternatives and indeed if you even need to make the purchase at all.

Emma from free from farmhouse said, I just ordered birthday presents for all my son’s class in the sales so I am prepared with cheap but quality presents throughout the year.

Jade from jades long Journey said, To make extra cash we try and sell things and we don’t really buy anything we don’t need. We also reduce our shopping budget.

Helen from welsh Mum writing said, Use cashback and comparison sites for online shopping, compare and switch for your utilities, work out a budget for your groceries and use a meal planner and a strict shopping list to stick to it. Small changes can make a huge difference.

Amy from Amy treasure said, I try to do my shopping online so that I can see a running total. It’s so easy to overspend in the supermarket and I get seduced by those dreaded end of the aisle ‘offers’ that we don’t really need. I definitely spend less when ordering online.

Jenny from midwife and Life said, I’ve just posted about a money saving challenge if that’s the sort of thing

Veronica from My parenting Journey said, I prepared a meal plan for the whole month to consider for my grocery shopping. I was able to save money because I knew what I needed and only got exactly what I needed. I posted it on the fridge so my family knows the menu for the day too.

Mike from Frugal financial freedom shared ideas on how to be frugal with children. Check out his blog site for many more money saving ideas.

All of the above were very helpful. So far I have started clearing out our stuff and I will be doing this regularly to create space and to save a holiday funds. January is the best time of the year to start saving money so start yours too 🙂

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  1. I’m going to have to pin this one as there are some fantastic money saving ideas. Money is going to be a bit tight for us over the next few months so I need as much help as I can get. I also think it’s a really good practice to get into saving some money every month.

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