Lamb in mint sauce: Recipe

This is actually one of my children’s very favourite meals, lamb can be expensive but it’s worth it!

Casserole lamb
2 tbsp mint sauce
1 mug red wine
2 mugs hot water
1 lamb stock cube
Plain flour
Salt n pepper

Toss lamb in plain flour and lightly fry.

Put in casserole dish with whatever veg you fancy (normally we do onion, carrot, mushroom etc but it can be whatever you have around)

Add another tbsp of plain flour.


Pour over the wine and water, add stock cube and mint sauce and season with salt n pepper.

Cover dish with tin foil and cook at 130 degrees C for at least an hour (this is one of those dishes which you can cook for one hour or 3 hours and it just gets better) if you are cooking for longer make sure the sauce doesn’t get too thick, add more water if it needs it.

Before now I have added new potatoes to my veg selection which was delicious, or put a layer of thinly sliced potatoes on top for the last 30 minutes of cooking. If you aren’t a fan of potatoes it goes really well with rice.

Don’t forget some dipping bread, check out my focaccia recipe here.

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