Looking for eco friendly products which won’t break the bank?

I am a big stickler for promoting the use of more eco friendly products. The way we use the Earth’s resources is not sustainable, which means at some point we will run out of resources or we will destroy the planet’s eco system. This is why I try to make small changes in my day to day life to be a little more eco friendly. Sometimes this costs a little more and sometimes it costs more initially but saves money overall, but either way I think it is worth it! You can use simple products from the shop, like vinegar and bicarb and use these, check out this post for more info, or you can buy eco friendly products.

Mann’s Eco Garden is an amazing online shop which sell all sorts of eco friendly products; from kitchenware, to toiletries and cleaning products, to candles or pet products. Mann’s eco garden kindly sent me a selection of products to try out and I must say I am really impressed with all of them! Check out my video here.

Eco friendly products

Ecoegg Bamboo kitchen roll £9.99 for 1700 uses
Use, wash, dry and use again (up to 85 times). Soaks up 10 times more than standard kitchen roll.
These are all great for soaking up spills (it absorbs so much water!) and wiping surfaces. They are also really good for cleaning glass or mirrors, since they don’t leave lint or residue behind. I also use kitchen roll for cleaning up cat sick and to be honest I don’t fancy washing and residing one after it’s been used for that, maybe I need to mark one just for that purpose lol

Ecoegg spray and refresh £9.99 for 25 bottles
Super concentrated air and fabric freshener.
This one works well, it neutralises the odour so actually removes the smell rather than just covering it. The nice scent doesn’t last long, but since it has removed the bad smell you don’t need it to last that long.

Degradable refuse sacks £2.69 for 20
Typical garbage bags take 500 years to biodegrade, these take 12-18 months.
These are actually one item I always buy from this shop. The time it takes for one garbage bag to biodegrade is just crazy. The price, although a little more expensive, is not too much and the bags are a good thickness so don’t get holes ripped in the too easily. This is one swap I would suggest to everyone.

Degradable food/freezer bags £2.29 for 200 bags
Typical bags take 400 years to biodegrade these take 12-18 months.
Same as the black rubbish bags, a simple swap will make such a difference to landfill.

Bio D sanitising handwash £4.19 for 500ml
Anti bacterial
This one is more expensive. The hand soap is very concentrated so you don’t need a lot of it to work, but this is one I’m not sure it’s worth buying unless you have sensitive skin and need the hypoallergenic nature of the product. There is the non-polluting side to consider as well, but I’m not sure how much pollution is caused by hand soap.

Bio D washing up liquid £2.09 for 750ml
No petrochemicals, phosphates, preservatives, enzymes or synthetic perfumes. Hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin.
Wow this stuff is so concentrated you need the smallest drip to wash the most greasy of dishes. Definitely worth trying, especially if you have sensitive skin or children (think of all those nasty chemicals from your washing up liquid going straight onto your food plates etc).

Faith in nature shampoo £5.50
100% natural, SLS free.
I have used this shampoo for years, check out my post here about SLS in shampoos and why to avoid it. This shampoo is much more expensive than I used to spend, but I have really found it improves my sensitive scalp and the condition of my hair is much better.

Recycled pegs £1.79 for 24
100% recycled, no metal parts to rust. Frost resistant.
Honestly, the only pegs I use now. Don’t break, don’t mark your clothes, strong enough to hold jeans on the line and recycled!

Soapnuts £4.99
Naturally derived (dried fruits) Non-polluting
Hypoallergenic so perfect for sensitive skin
Anti fungal and anti microbial
6-8 shells in knotted sock. Can be used for more than 1 wash on the same day. Discard when brown and soggy

I had never used Soapnuts before. They are easy to use and great if you are doing several washes in a day (really needs to be summer so I can hang them out, other wise there are clothes all over my house drying). They don’t foam up so you can reduce the number of rinses which your machine does, saving energy and water. They are suitable for the most sensitive skin and clean really well.
I will definitely use these again. Here is my video about Soapnuts, how to use them and their benefits

I have previously bought the Moringa Oil from this shop, check out my review here.

I am really impressed with the power of these products, you would think being eco friendly it would reduce their effectiveness, but to be honest they have all performed much better than I expected.
Yes, the price of some of the items is either expensive initially (like the bamboo kitchen rolls or the concentrated spray or washing up liquid) but they are longer lasting and will save you money over all, or they are a little more expensive to buy (like the bags and shampoo) but I think spending a little extra is ok sometimes, especially when you look at the benefits (either to the condition of my hair or the reduction to landfill), but that is a personal choice.

Why don’t you give Mann’s Eco Garden website a browse and see if you can switch any of your products. They do free shipping when you spend £29.99, so do a monthly bulk order and save yourself delivery. ANY questions from them a message over Facebook, they are really friendly and will be happy to help.

*please note, items were provided free in exchange for a review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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