Top tips for creating a capsule wardrobe

I have so many clothes that mixing and matching them is a pain because I have too many choices. I often spend ages standing in front of the wardrobe deciding what to wear.

I decided I wanted to learn about a capsule wardrobe, as I’d seen an article about it in a magazine. I want to be more organised every time I get ready, so I asked my fellow bloggers about their top tips in creating a capsule wardrobe.

Laura from Edinburgh with kids said, I always have a capsule – here’s my latest post on my current one:

Check out her blog post as she has Loads of tips there!

Naomi from the organised Life project said, I’d say, embrace skirts but avoid dresses, and stick to a fairly limited colour palette. Check out her latest one

Sarah from mumzilla said, I would recommend starting by being really firm with yourself and going through everything – if you haven’t worn it recently stick it in the charity shop pile. I got rid of two bin bags full recently and then I built a capsule look around my very favourite bits I had left.

Veronica from My parenting Journey said, It would help for you to choose the colors / palette that suits you most. Check your skin tone and your undertone if its cool or warm.For instance, if you have a warm undertone earthy shades of red, orange, yellow, green, and brown suit you.

I was half way through writing this post and chatting to my blogging buddy Amy when she realised she has a capsule wardrobe already, so decided to share some of her key pieces with you:

Capsule wardrobe

Check out my video here, 13 looks from 8 items: 2 tops, crop top, jeans, work trousers, dress, jacket and a shirt. Work look, casual look, pub look, club look…


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