Glam goo slime deluxe pack review

I saw an advert on the t.v for this glam goo slime product, which got my attention as my boys got so excited about it, so when I was offered to review it I was delighted.

During half term I let the teens have a go with this product. My daughter Divine and nephew Christian were so excited to test them out.

The product is well packed and the packaging looks really girly and fun. The pack comes with a large tub of clear goo, a scent bottle, 3 sprinkle tubes, 2 tubs of coloured dust, a stirrer, a ring container and the bag.

The instructions were easy to follow and it’s nice to know that you can personalise the clear slime, using the sparkles, colours and scent. The colour was lovely as well, unfortunately the pinky promise was dropped, so there was only a little bit left, my nephew combined a bit of pink and blue to create a light purple. The violet vibes scent was so cool as well and smells nice.

The slime goo consistency was a bit sticky at first but once it’s been massaged a lot and mixed with sprinkle sparkle and colour then it’s more firm and not as sticky anymore but still soft. It reminded us of a stress ball in a softer way which I thought this is good as a stress reliever as well.

My daughter found it fun that it comes with a ring case where you can put a small amount of the slime goo and it fits on two fingers. The bag was quite stylish as well because it has compartment where you can store your customised slime goo and it won’t hardened unlike playdoh.

My daughter and nephew enjoyed customising their slime goo and they found it entertaining, fun and a stress reliever. They said that they were happy with it and would definitely recommend it to everyone.

Glam goo is £29.99 for the deluxe pack and £14.99 for the smaller ones, available from several good toy stores including Argos.

Disclosure : I was sent these products in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.

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