World book day ideas

The worst part about school is dress up days. The kids have so many different days; from the easy pyjamas days to the awful nativity or school play (“dear Parents, your child will be a donkey please provide an outfit”!! Are you kidding me?! Donkey outfit is not something I have in the cupboard at home). This week is World Book Day, which one one of the dress up days I quite like. There are loads of outfit ideas which don’t involve any actual dressing up, or some you can make from things lying around the house. Here are my favourite, easy ideas:

  • find a blue dress: an easy Alice in Wonderland or with a red ribbon for Matilda.
  • Ballerina/football/cheerleader/whatever sport your child does if it has a uniform; there will be a book somewhere related to it lol
  • red blanket as a cape; red riding hood
  • Pyjamas: where the wild things are or polar express
  • white and red striped top (if they have one) where’s wally
  • Blue sweater, red trousers and hair in a quiff: tintin
  • Any dress with hearts on: queen of hearts
  • white top, draw black spots on: 101 dalmatians

This year I am actually trying, we have decided that Jack is going to go as Jack and Beanstalk. Which basically consists of normal clothes and making a beanstalk.

For the beanstalk I started with a swimming noodle, you could use a wrapping paper tube or similar. I painted to green, using our fabulous recycled paint and drew some curling stems up it using a green marker pen.

World book day idea

I then printed off some leaves attached them to small sticks and pushed them into the noodle (you could glue them to it if you prefer). It was really easy to sort and should look good.


What have you decided your children are dressing as this year?!

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